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Baby Products Every Mom Should Always Carry

Infants being infants have a strong affinity for situations with a notoriously wrong timing. It is more often than not up to the super mom’s to be prepared for what the mighty baby may throw at you. The list of things these angelic seeming little ones can throw at you is long and at times really smelly. Dealing with the situation is comparatively easier at home than outside. Now the important question is, what to carry and what not to when going out with the kids? We bet you wish you could fit the whole of your child’s cupboard in one hand bag and carry it around.

To make things simple for the moms and dads in distress here is our list of things that you should always carry in your bag when stepping out with kids.

  1. Diapers: There are no two ways about this that you should always be carrying sufficient diapers depending on the length of your trip. The ideal number is a diaper for every hour or two at most. And then ad a couple more in the bag to be on safe side and avoid a possibly smelly fiasco. They quiet literally some of the best baby products you could possibly have.
  2. Baby Wipes: While small, baby wipes are amazingly helpful. Baby wipes are the best baby products to have when out with kids. Be it to wipe your hands clean after changing diapers or to clean the baby’s cotton ball soft bottoms and food soiled faces. Baby wipes are a must have in any parent’s bag.
  3. Clothes: Always carry an extra set of clothes when out with the baby. There is no saying when you will be in need on an extra set of clothes for the baby. They do tend to soil clothes at a rate faster than you can manage. An extra pair will always come in handy in times of unexpected need.
  4. Food: Depending on your child’s age, carry appropriate food in your bag. Always be prepared as if you won’t get anything once you step out of the house. For infants make sure you carry their baby formula, fruits etc.  For the toddlers, you might want to have a backup of their favorite packed food. Chocolates are a must have for those tricky situations when kids won’t do without them. As much as possible, opt for healthier options.
  5. Water: This goes without saying that you should be carrying your own supply of water for the kids. The main reason being that there is no saying when kids will require water and second outside water can cause gastro problems for the baby and cause havoc in their delicate systems. So carry bottles from home or buy packed PET bottles of mineral water for kids when out with them.

These are just basic things that should never be forgotten when stepping out with younger kids. Preparation, lots of patience and tons of courage are key to winning this particular battle.

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