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Dangers of Mosquito spread disease: chikungunya

Mosquitoes are known single handedly claim more lives than some life threatening diseases put together. Mosquitoes are known to cause epidemics of diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria, etc that can cause serious health issues if not death. Knowledge is the most basic weapon in addition to mosquito repellents and cleanliness that one can have to keep the kids safe from disease spread by mosquito like chikungunya and the likes. We have compiled all the information that one could possible need to tackle and prevent it from happening.

Chikungunya is caused by the chikungunya virus carried by the Aedes Ageypti genus of mosquitoes. In addition to mosquitoes even monkeys, birds, cattle and rodents are known to be hosts to the virus. Chikungunya quiet literally means “that which bends up” given the bent posture of infected people due to the joint pains.

While the fever itself manifests two to four days after being infected, the joint pains can last for a longer duration, months and years in some cases. The symptoms are joint pains, muscle pain, rashes, headaches and fever. It is also known to show digestive symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dehydration. The symptoms are quiet similar to those of dengue and can easily be misdiagnosed if not confirmed by appropriate tests.

While chikungunya doesn’t usually cause death, its effects can be rather disabling and severe. Given that there is no vaccination or medication to treat it, the doctors usually provide symptomatic treatment. A bout of the disease will usually end within a matter of 7-10 days but recovery from its symptoms is slow. New born and infants are at a higher risk of being infected, which is why preventive measures are a must. A small child suffering from chikungunya is a traumatic experience.

Treatment for chikungunya is symptomatic relief for individual symptoms. Medication like paracetamol and ibuprofen etc to relieve pain and fever. Lots of rest is a must. Supplementary treatment like hot compress help manage the body pains and are known to provide relief. Light nutritious meals and constant monitoring will help to keep the symptoms manageable and recover faster.

Once infected, the human body becomes immune to the virus there by nullifying the chances of a recurrence. Given the fact that there are no vaccines available for the disease spread by mosquito like chikungunya, the only way to deal with it is to prevent mosquito bites and keep the mosquito population in check by reducing their habitats.

Keeping mosquitoes in check is a challenge in tropical countries like India where the climate is well suited for mosquito breeding. But efforts and measures have to be taken none the less to keep chikungunya outbreaks in check.

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