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Healthy winter habits for kids

The winter season is here and with it come out from exile the woolens, thermal wear and the delicious winter delicacies that leave us wanting for more. The new season brings along with it a new set of health issues in its back pocket. If you are a parent, you are already going through a mental check list of possible problems and checking if you have the remedies in place.

Fret not, simple habits can curb most of these problems even before they occur. Here is our list of healthy winter habits for kids that will help keep them healthy through the season.

  1. Hand hygiene: This is the simplest thing you can teach the kids to keep them from catching cold and flu. Viruses causing winter diseases are air borne, contagious and high in number during this season. Teach kids to wash hands before and after meals, using the washroom and after coming home from school and playing. It’s a simple habit that works like a charm to prevent kids from falling sick. All this hand washing can dry out the skin and make it more vulnerable to the viruses, so make sure you use a good moisturizer at regular intervals to keep hand moisturized.
  2. Food wise: Food is the best immunity booster you can give kids, especially during the winters. Citrus fruits in particular contain high quantities of vitamin c which is much required for a strong immune system. Dark leafy vegetables, lots of warm soup, seasonal fruits are the best for this season.
  3. No touching no touching: Teach kids not to touch their eyes and nose without washing hands. Eyes and nose are the easiest way for viruses to find their way into your child’s blood stream through the mucus membrane. Use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available.
  4. Play and sleep: No matter what season of the year, it’s necessary for the kids to get sufficient quantities of sleep and play to keep their systems up and running like a fine tuned machine. Physical exercise and rest cycles support a healthy immunity.
  5. Dress smart: Be wise when choosing winter wear for the kids. It’s preferable to use multiple thin layers rather than a single thick layer of clothes to keep the child warm. Thumb rule is kids having one additional layer of clothes than that worn by an adult in the same situation. Gloves and mittens can be used as required. It’s usually a good practice to have kids use winter ear mufflers.

While winters can have a lot of parents getting nervous about the trips to the doctor, most of these trips can be avoided by simply putting good habits in practice. The best way to put these habits in practice is to start practicing them yourself, the kids will undoubtedly follow.

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