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How to Find the Most Effective Mosquito Repellent Product

Mosquitoes here!

Mosquitoes there

Mosquitoes mosquitoes everywhere!!

This is usually a problem with most parents especially ones with younger kids and those sensitive to mosquito bites. Now comes the question of how to keep the tiny tots safe from the nasty stingers. There is no doubt that various mosquito repellent products are available in the market but which one is best for your child is a different matter altogether. Chemical ones or natural ones, organic ones or herbal ones, sprays, mats, creams, lotions, coils, vaporizers, candles and what not to tempt the parent to buy various products in an attempt to keep the little ones safe.

Let’s take a look at how to select the best possible product to keep you child safe from the tiny but painful stingers.

1.  Age check: Depending on your child’s age and daily schedule check how strong mosquito protection is needed. Young infants spend most of the day in their cribs and can do with nets and natural vaporizers. Older kids that tend to move around a lot requires protection by use of creams, lotions, and gels etc. At night nets are usually the best in addition to window meshes. Check if the product of choice is suitable for your child’s age group.

2.  Product check: Opt for natural remedies and products closer to the natural thing. Chemical mosquito repellents are a no for kids and adults alike unless there isn't any option available to use a natural one. Go for DIY sprays made of good ingredients to ensure mosquito protection. Many natural and close to natural creams, sprays, roll ons etc. are easily available at local stores and should be opted for.

3.  Ingredient check: Read and research the ingredients before buying mosquito repellents and try and avoid ones heavily laden with chemicals especially DEET. Get to know your ingredients and especially the ones that shouldn't be present in your products. Various websites list the ingredients and their effects and side effects. In case the product is to be used onto skin check for any allergens that your child can possible be allergic to on contact.

4.  Go natural: When going for natural products, ensure that good quality ingredients are used in the products and are sourced ethically. Most natural products require frequent applications and should be used so with diligence. A little discomfort will go a long way to keep the little ones safe in the long run. Natural products are to be preferred and not products with natural extracts for them to be effective enough for your child’s safety.

5.  Brand check: Check the brand of the product and its reputation before buying products. Good branded products are usually worth shelling out the extra bucks for as long as they are authentic products and not counterfeits. Check your products well before buying them and read enough reviews online.

Reading and research are some of the best ways to educate yourself about buying the best mosquito repellent products for your child’s safety from the nasty stingers.

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