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Should you Buy Kids Perfume Online in India?

Perfumes are the new baby products that have become the talk of the town in the parent world. Some parents have warmed up to the idea of kids having their own perfumes while of lot of them have not. The issue of debate is safety of kid’s health from the possible hazards of using perfumes at such a young tender age. A lot of people would say that if huge brands like Dior and Chanel are coming up with perfumes for kids as young as a couple of months then they would have to be safe for kids. While a lot of other parents would argue that despite big brands manufacturing these perfumes they couldn’t possibly be completely safe for their little ones.

All said and done, the reality is that kid’s perfumes have found their way into the Indian market and are being sold by pretty much every tom dick and harry given the e-commerce boom in the country. Whether or not your kids will be pampered with their own perfumes is a decision left to individual parents and their discretion as to what they consider safe for their children and what not. That being said, the first step in the direction is educating yourself about perfumes and then learning how perfumes for kids and adults are different. Only once you are adequately informed about the product should you deem them safe or unsafe for your kids.

Once decided on how safe or unsafe the perfumes are for the kids and only then consider buying them. Once decided on buying them, comes the tricky part. Tricky part in terms of maintaining the balance between the size of your pocket and the quality of the product. Goody quality perfumes are usually a tad bit pricey. Now given that you have decided on your budget comes the question of whether you should buy perfume online in India or just visit your nearest retail store. Given the fact that shopping online is more likely to get you better discounts, you might be tempted to make your purchase online.

However, shopping online has its drawbacks that you could land up with fake harmful product when looking to save money shopping online. Given the good quality of fake products available in the market, it is rather difficult to differentiate the fake from the original ones. The only option out is that when you buy perfume online in India you look into the credentials of the portal you are buying from and then pray to god that you hit the jack pot.

All in all, if well researched there is no harm in buying your child’s perfume online as long as the delivered products are well researched to be safe for the kids, and original. While a fake may save you money in the shorter run, it can cause lot many health issues in the longer run. It is best to be informed and safe when it comes to kid’s safety. The key is in finding the sweet spot between what makes them happy, what they need and what is safe for them.

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