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The Winter Diet for Kids

Mumbai recorded its coldest day of 2017 on 10 Jan at 13 degree Celsius. You know its winter season for good when Mumbai stats getting its woolens out. Relief from the heat and time to binge on those winter foods is here if nothing more. However, the winter binge isn't necessarily healthy especially for the kids. While dry skin, seasonal colds, viral and other winter problems are around, it can very well be avoided with a healthy diet to suit the climate. Here is a basic outline of how you need to design your child’s diet for optimal health during the season of the cold winds.

Winter season requires food that is warming, nutritious and filling for the good number of winter hunger pangs that the kids will have. Most vegetable in the season that have its edible part growing underground are known to be warming vegetable. So, go ahead and in sweet potatoes, spring onion and garlic, carrots, radishes fresh numeric, ginger and other underground veggies to keep your little ones healthy during the chilling months.

No diet is complete without a serving of fresh fruits. Focus on season fruits to keep your child’s immunity and strength at its peak. Amla, oranges, pomegranates, papaya, pineapple, strawberries, cherries and other seasonal fruits are a must have. The more colorful the fruits in your child’s plate the healthier they will prove to be for your child.

Dates, nuts, oilseeds like sesame are all warming and should be a regular part of your child’s winter diet. They are both warming and nutritious, perfect for the winters. Add in whole grains and legumes to the diet plan for added warmth. Lentil and vegetable soups are a must for the winter season. Easy to make, delicious, warming, filling and nutritious what more can a parent ask for.

Spices are the calling card of the season. Its safe to say that more spices should be included in meals during the winters as compared to the summer season. Warm spices are a must for the winter season. Sprinkle a little cinnamon or nutmeg powder in your child’s hot chocolate. Add dried ginger powder, black pepper powder to the tradition winter sweets made in jiggery for all the required winter warmth. Till chikki and ladoo are a winter must have in most Indian homes.

Leafy greens spinach, dill, methi, sarson are a must for winter. Eat them as palak paneer, parathas, thepla or your favourite subzi but make it a point to include plenty of leafy greens in the diet. Whole grains like bajra  and makkai in particular are perfect warming foods for the winter. Fresh whole green wheat called pokh is a special winter delicacy across Gujrat with the goodness of fresh fibre. Herbs are another type of greens that can be added to your diet nd should be for a healthy winter. Tulsi or holy basil leaves are a must for the winters as it can both prevent and help deal with colds and fevers.

Healthy need not be boring if you are willing to put in a little effort.

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