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What Is the Use of Hand Sanitizer?

It is a well-known fact across parenting town that hand hygiene is a preventive measure that can keep your kids from falling sick at a rate as high as 50%. Now that we have made it obvious that its important to teach your kids, even if it’s by means of being a nagging parent to adequately clean their hands at various times during the day after certain activities. Hand hygiene by definition would ideally mean keeping hands free of germs for most part of the. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to go about it.

First comes washing hands to clean them off most germs. Wet hands with water, take some soap on the hands and rub it to lather. Continue lathering and rubbing hands against each other including between the fingers, under the nails, the palm and back of the hands. Wash with adequate water and dry with a clean towel. This is the ideal way to keep the tiny tot’s hands clean if they do it and do it right. Just make sure that the kiddies have clean individual towels as should the adults for maximum hygiene.

Then come the situation when soap and water are not that easily available to wash hands. What to do when you have a tiny tot who has been touching all things he/ she shouldn't be and that too before meal time. That is when the miracle called a “hand sanitizer “comes to your rescue. The hand sanitizer is basically a gel solution of alcohol usually ethyl used to kill germs on one’s hands. Most hand sanitizers are usually alcohol based containing more that at least 60% alcohol to keep the hands clean of any microbes.

Now that we have established what a hand sanitizer is, let’s look into the proper way, do’s and don’ts of using it. Especially with kid’s higher precautions need to be taken. Using a hand sanitizer isn't a substitute for washing hands but an alternative when soap and water are not available. Unlike soap and water a hand sanitizer cannot clean the dirt that is collected on the skin. A hand sanitizer is a surface cleanser and doesn't do much to clean germs under the layer of dirt. It visibly clean hands the sanitizer can be a good alternative when soap and water are difficult to find.

While a hand sanitizer is a great go to product for hand hygiene, alcohol dries up the skin and is poisonous when ingested. When picking out a hand sanitizer go for the kind that comes loaded with moisturizers to counteract the drying action of the sanitizer. A sanitizer should never be left in places where younger kids have access to it and can accidentally ingest causing poisoning. Kids should always be using a hand sanitizer if at all under strict adult supervision. It’s a good idea to stay away from sanitizers with fruity or flowery smell to prevent kids from attempting to taste it.

Hand sanitizer’s when used correct can help reduce the instances of your little one falling sick because of bad hand hygiene.

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