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Spoon Flowers

for a Mother’s Day Gift

Materials Needed:

Styrofoam cup, Paint, Tissue paper, Plastic spoon, Glue, Pom poms

Today we attempted to turn plastic spoons into beautiful flowers – and it was a success! These would be great for kids to make as a Spring craft or for a Mother’s Day gift! They can set it on their desk at work as a keepsake :)

Start by cutting out flower petals from tissue paper. We found out the darker color the tissue paper, the better since it won’t show the imperfections.
Grab some glue and stick each petal on the spoon (5 in total). Put a glob of glue in the middle and stick on a white or colored pom pom.
Paint the spoon “stem” with green paint as well as the styrofoam cups. On the top, use brown paint to make the “dirt.” Once the flowers are dry, stick them in the upside-down cup and you’re done! So cute.