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5 Natural Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitoes are one of those extremely annoying pests that will find their way to your kids and homes in some way or the other. While we can’t run behind every single mosquito, it is necessary to keep them at bay and away. While mass killing of mosquitoes may seem like a smart option, it’s not! It just creates a strain of mosquitoes that has higher resistance to the chemicals used to kill them, in turn making them more difficult to kill. Knowing this, repelling them seems like a better option! And using natural mosquito repellents is the cherry on top. Natural mosquito repellents are not just effective but also the need of the day to stop mosquitoes from evolving into higher resistance strains!

 Here are our top 5 natural mosquito repellents that you can use at home to keep the kids safe!

1.       Citronella oil: Citronella oil is one of the most widely used natural mosquito repellent. It is known to be both effective and safe. Additionally it has aromatherapy benefits making people feel elated. Citronella grass in itself doesn’t work as a repellent, its concentrated essential oil does. Use it in form of sprays, creams, candles, diffusers, etc.

2.       Lemongrass: Citronella and lemongrass belong to the same family, but lemongrass planted along the border of the house will repel mosquitoes. It is one of the cheaper and simpler ways to deal with mosquitoes.

3.       Garlic: While we love eating garlic, planting garlic in the garden or window will help repel mosquitoes. And you can have fresh garlic at your disposal too!

4.       Neem: Neem is one of the best ways to repel mosquitoes. Either use a neem cream or oil and you will be safe from mosquitoes. Planting neem trees in the surroundings helps keep mosquitoes away! Smoke from dried neem leaves is also known to work wonders!

5.       Marigold: Who says marigolds are only for decoration during festive times. Marigold while adding color to your garden and window, help keep mosquitoes away. It’s the most colorful and sweet smelling way of keeping mosquitoes away.

These are our top 5 gifts from Mother Nature that will help you keep the kid’s mosquito safe. We have a lot more up our sleeves for you. So keep coming back to find more ways to an easier parenting life!

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