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5 Ways To Make The Most Of Mosquito Repellent Products

Net, patches, sprays, coils, gels, creams, bands, mats, vaporizers, candles, zappers, plants, chemical, natural, fast cards, DIY repellents are all the mosquito repellent products one can possibly think of. While we know they are effective mosquito repellents, making the most of them is a lesser known fact. Especially when it comes to using them on and for kids.

Here’s a little FYI to make the most of your mosquito repellent products in the safest way possible

  1. Storage matters: Most repellents like the creams, sprays, gels and vaporizers need to be kept away from direct sunlight and heat. Prolonged exposure to sunlight is known to decrease their efficiency over time. Bands and patches usually need to be stored in air tight packs to keep the repellent liquid from evaporating rendering the product useless. Bands in particular will be rendered useless in a matter of 2-3 days if left out in the open air.
  2. Read right: The most common mistake people make when using repellents, is not reading the manufacturer’s instruction for use. We see the ads on TV and believe that we know it all. This however is a mistake and result in reduced efficiency. The skin creams and gels in particular come with specific instructions about how often the product needs to be reapplied.
  3. Know how: To make the most of a repellent, one must know or at least have a decent idea about how the repellent works to make the most of it. Say window mesh screens for example work by keeping mosquitoes out. It doesn’t help using them after the mosquitoes are already in the house, they need to be in place before the mosquitoes become active in the evening and stay on till a little late in the morning to keep mosquitoes out effectively.
  4. Team work: This is one situation where team work works in your favor. Use an appropriate combination of mosquito repellents to make the most out of them. Say for example use a mosquito repellent spray in the closed room to kill the mosquitoes that are already present and then use a window mesh to keep new ones from entering the house. Or say leave the vaporizer on in the room for some time and then use a net to make sure that the kids are not exposed to the vapors throughout the night.
  5. Ask the experts: Most manufacturers provide effective tips for making the most of their products on their website and or social media pages. Use the information to your advantage. Additionally there are many people out there who experiment with the products and come up with some amazing tips. So use your head to save yourself a lot of trouble and ask the experts to get best results from the products.

Knowledge is power when it comes to kid’s safety, so gain it and use it like the wise parents that you are!

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