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Travelling With Kids - Tips For Staying Healthy

Travelling with your family is a great way to spend more time with each other. However, we advise you not to let your guard down. Visiting a new place means change of food, water, weather and environment and it can take time to adjust to these things. Children are especially vulnerable to problems related being exposed to a new environment, including infections, motion sickness, and diarrhoea.

Here are some helpful healthy tips for kids that will ensure that your travel and your holidays remain a memorable event.

Always keep the location’s Climate in Mind

Google is your best friend when researching for the weather conditions of the place you’re about to visit. Call up your hotel in advance and ask the help desk the difference in the weather during days and nights, because in places like Rajasthan, the difference can be significantly high.  So while you might be prepared for a summer vacation and pack light cotton clothes, the cool night time weather might end up giving your child a high fever due to lack of warm clothing.

Always be Protected

Prevention is better than cure, which is why you should prevent your family from every possible infection by stocking up on hand sanitizers, antibacterial wipes and soap strips. Just like it’s absolutely imperative that your child is protected from germs, it’s equally important that bugs and mosquitoes stay away from your child. Applying mosquito repellent creams and lotions after every half hour can be quit tedious which is why mosquito repellent bands and stickers are the best anti-insect protection gear for those who are always on the go. Just wear a mosquito repellent band on your wrist or ankle so that you have the freedom to go where you want.

Sensibly Pack your Medical Kit

You can never be sure when you or any other family member of yours comes down with a fever or a severe infection. It’s best to be prepared. Carry medications you feel are necessary for you and your family (inhalers, diarrhoea medicine, cough syrup, throat infection etc.).

If you are not sure, do check with your family physician for a suggestive prescription should there be a medical condition that you are particularly afraid of.

A trip with your family should be a reason to smile we hope that these healthy tips for kids helped you prepare for a safer, and tension-free travel with your family.










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