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A How “NOT TO” on Curbing Diseases Spread by Mosquitoes

India is a tropical country with a variety of seasons to enjoy depending on what part of the country you are in at what time of the year. However its “mosquito season“ in India all year long thanks to the very same tropical climate that we love so much. With mosquito season come the problems of diseases spread by mosquitoes. Kids being the biggest number of victims of these traumatic diseases, it is high time that we take mosquito control and control of diseases spread by mosquitoes seriously and attend to it.

Here is a simple list of things not to be doing when trying to curb mosquito spread diseases.

  1. Do not use sub-standard ineffective mosquito repellents that not only fail to keep mosquitoes away but cause damage to the environment and the users alike.
  2. Do not let water accumulate in your vicinity. Cover the gutters, fill the potholes and empty anything that lets water accumulate.
  3. Do not use the window instead of the designated dust bins to dispose the garbage in the house.
  4. Do not be ignorant about the schedule of spraying insecticides in the vicinity that help keep mosquitoes at bay.
  5. Do not cut off plants and trees that could possibly help keep mosquitoes away. Eg: neem, lemongrass etc
  6. Do not let the garbage accumulate just because the people responsible to clear it didn’t.
  7. Do not go around littering everywhere you go.
  8. Do not stop using mosquito repellents just because the monsoon season is over.
  9. Do not stop using mosquito repellent because you got infected with a MSD(mosquito spread disease)
  10. Do not leave water taps running just because it is in a public place.
  11. Do not leave windows open at dusk and dawn.
  12. Do not wear tight fitting clothes in places with high mosquito population.
  13. Do not let kids play out near stagnant fresh water bodies.
  14. Do not leave swimming pools open and unused to stagnate and cause mosquito breeding.
  15. Do not over water the plants to create a comfortable home for mosquito breeding.

These are just some simple things we should not be doing if we really want to bring the mosquito problem under control and keep the little ones safe. It is not sufficient that only we follow these habits. It is important that we teach the coming generation to do so too!

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