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A “How To” On Online Perfume Shopping

Kids and perfumes? While it may not sit well will a lot of parents, it’s the new fad in the world of moms. Increasing number of parents are of the opinion that kids need to smell good too. That’s probably why  big brands in the fragrance market have introduced a host of perfumes for kids. These perfumes are dermatologically tested and are made specifically for kids. If you haven’t bought them so far but are looking to go shopping online for perfumes, you need to know more about kids’ perfumes and how to choose them. 

How to choose the best kids’ perfumes for your kids? And what all to keep in mind when shopping online? Here’s a how-to on online perfume shopping:

1. Fragrance of the perfume – Your kids should be comfortable wearing a perfume and fragrance is the most important factor for that comfort. Make sure that the kids have tried the fragrance before buying it. There are flowery, bubble gum and fruit-based fragrances available in the market. Once the child approves of the fragrance, you can go shopping online for perfumes and snoop around for bargains.

2. Strength of the scent – This is just as important as the fragrance as your child may use too much perfume accidently or deliberately. Milder scents are usually better suited to the tiny tots. Older kids may have a preference for bolder fragrances. Read the reviews on the website for both the product and the vendor to make sure that you are paying for original and good quality perfumes.

3. Choice of characters – Most kids’ perfumes are based on popular characters from kids’ TV shows, movies, comic books or even popular singers. Your child may like a particular perfume purely on the basis of the character or a theme he/she likes, irrespective of the fragrance it carries. Stay updated about the perfumes available with leading baby care websites to make the best pick for the little angel.

4. Price – Usually you can get the best price and discounts online on websites that specialize in kid’s products. Subscribe to their emails to stay updated on the sales and discounts. We recommend that you choose to shell out a decent amount of money for a good product as fakes are more likely to cause more damage that can cost more money than what you can save. 

5. Return or Refund - Always check the return policy on the products to ensure that you are paying for original good quality products for your little one.

Choosing the right kids’ perfume may not be a child’s play but it’s not rocket science either. Read up, educate yourself and go splurge to make your child smell like a million dollars. 


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