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A take on Kids perfumes in India

Kids and perfumes in the same statement? There’s only three reactions that can come out of it, you have either have never heard of them, you have heard of them but don’t like the idea of kids using perfumes or your kids already have a dressing table of perfumes and deo’s. Either ways, the one thing you cannot do after reading about it, is ignore it! You either love it hate it or are still mulling over the idea of kids using perfumes.
Kids perfumes is a relatively new concept in India and is following international trends where it has become both a necessity and luxury for kids to have their own perfumes created especially for them. Here’s a take on the kids perfumes available in India v/s internationally.
Internationally, luxury brands have spent top dollar in creating fragrances that are suited to the little ones. The Indian market however is just waking up to the idea of fragrances for kids. Where most people in the domestic markets falter is in the awareness between the types of fragrances and their implications, especially for kids. 
There are 3 types of fragrances viz deo, EDT and EDP differentiated on the basis of essential oil and alcohol content in each of these. Deodorants aka deos contain the highest amount of alcohol, lowest quantity of essential oils last the shortest duration of time and are easily available cheap. Quintessentially they are the lowest category of fragrances that do more harm than good to kids.
Next comes the EDT aka Eau De Toilette, which contain a relatively higher quantity of essential oils, lesser amount of alcohol and last longer than the deos. The EDT’s are priced relatively higher and only few can make sense out of spend 1000+ Rs for a child’s perfume. When compared to the deos EDT’s are a better option on any given day.
EDP aka Eau De Parfum which contain the highest quantity of essential oils, lowest amount of alcohol, last and cost the highest. While EDP’s are to be the preferred fragrances, they do cost quite a fortune. The other hitch in the picture is the fact that they are difficult to find in India as of today, especially ones for the kids.
Internationally, there is a lot of awareness about kid’s products and their safety standards are high. Back home however that is not the case. Lack of awareness and quality control measures have led to the market being filled with bad harmful products and have lent a bad name and reputation for perfumes in general.
If you have taken a liking and plan on buying perfumes for kids in India, we recommend that you read up about the have’s and have not’s in a good product fir kids and then make your call. It can be tricky to locate a good and original product amidst the tidal wave of fakes.
When it comes to kids, its best to stay informed and make smart choices.


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