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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer for Kids

Importance of Hand Hygiene:

Hygiene is the prime factor that governs the health of an individual in this age of infectious diseases. In the last few years, there have been many epidemics of diseases raising their ugly heads and washing off populations. Sometimes, a simple ritual of "hand washing" done in an appropriate manner helps keep away the onslaught of infectious diseases.

When it comes to children, hand hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent the onset of various infectious diseases. Kids, specially toddlers, are more prone to coming into contact with various dirty surfaces laden with millions of microorganisms. They crawl, fall, lick, and play on floor and inevitably expose themselves to a higher risk of various diseases. And having a compromised immune system puts them at a greater danger of getting infected too.

Adults are aware enough to wash their hands after coming into contact with surfaces suspected of harbouring infectious microbes. But, it's a difficult task to make your kids wash their hands and maintain complete hygiene. Children can easily fall prey to diseases such as Ringworm, Scabies, and Conjunctivitis on touching contaminated surfaces. So, they need to be educated about the importance of washing hands and be trained about the right technique and frequency of washing hands.

What Are Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers?

These are hand sanitizing solutions that are non-drying antimicrobial solutions free of alcohol. They provide a long-lasting protection to kids against germs. They do not contain fragrance and do not irritate your kids' hands or cause soreness.

Why to Use Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers?

Hand-washing should not be a mechanical activity. Washing hands with soap will serve to clean them only superficially. To clean the hands off all the germs, you need a hand sanitizer having antibacterial properties. Moreover, soap and water are not always available on the go. In that case, a sanitizer will serve you best. But kids are not tolerant of hand sanitizers containing harsh chemicals like alcohol. Alcohol-containing sanitizers are good cleansers, but they are rough on children's delicate skin and cause allergies too. Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are known to kill 99.99% of microbes and are less expensive than those containing alcohol.

How to Use?

If your kid is smaller than 3 years, apply the hand sanitizer solution to your kid's palm, else if they are older than that, teach them the right technique to apply. Squeeze out a drop or two of the solution from the hand sanitizer bottle and apply it to your kid's palm. Rub both hands together until the solution gets absorbed without drying the hands.

When to Use?

Whenever you are out with your kids in a park, food joint, or travelling, and you think your kid might have touched a dirty surface, quickly put few drops of the hand sanitizer solution on your kid's hands to destroy the germs. Kids are sensitive, and so they easily contract diseases. Hand sanitizers are an easy, quick, and effective solution against many bacterial and viral diseases. You don't need water to use an alcohol-free hand sanitizer. Just dabbing few drops on your kid's hands and you're done! Put all your worries about your children's health and hygiene to rest by doing this.

Where to Buy?

You can go and visit your local store to buy your monthly supply of soaps, hand sanitizers, and other toiletries for your kids. Or you can buy a stock online at discounted prices. The Jungle Magic range of alcohol-free hand sanitizers are available in attractive bottles. You can buy a pack of 3 such bottles for your own kids or for gifting to your friends or relatives having kids.

A clean kid is a healthy kid and a healthy kid is a happy kid. Choose happiness for your kid with an effective alcohol-free hand sanitizer whether your kid is crawling on a squeaky clean floor or playing in a dirty park. 

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