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Are natural mosquito repellents the way to go?

Most of us have grown up watching those boring ads for mosquito repellents and the government documentaries about protection from mosquitoes and preventive measures. Boring as they are, the mosquito repellents have played their part keeping us safe from the heinous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc. Now it’s our turn to give our kids the protection we got form our parents. We can all agree that times have changed and so have the mosquitoes. They have grown more resilient to the chemical mosquito repellent. Natural mosquito repellents are the new generation of mosquito protection gear.

A lot of research has brought to the spot the fact that mosquitoes have been fast growing immune to the newer and stronger chemical mosquito repellents. And in the fight against mosquitoes, the repellents have grown more poisonous over the years and are known to cause health problems in both kids and adults. In light of this information, natural mosquito repellents have flooded the market as more and more people are opting for a natural alternative to keep the little ones safe from mosquitoes.

There is still a lot of debate going on about which is a better option given the fact that both have a strong case. Preferences however vary from person to person about what risks they are willing to assume. Chemical repellents are known to last longer, natural repellents while effective need to be reapplied over and over in a short span of time. Chemical repellents are known to kill mosquitoes while natural repellents usually just keep them away. Then comes in the question of the form in which the repellents are used.

Chemicals are better suited to be used when one wants to kill mosquitoes in a small room. Natural ones should be the choice if it has to come in any kind of contact with skin or be inhaled. The most effective and most toxic mosquito repellents contain DEET. Natural repellents like citronella, eucalyptus and lemongrass while effective do not last very long. In the worst case scenario, these are irritants and can cause skin rashes or irritation in the eyes and nose. Either kind of repellents should be kept away from infants under 2 months of age. Natural repellents have become more available in the form of the wide range of products that are available in the market.

Natural or not one should however stay wary of the artificial and fake products that have muddled the markets that do more harm than good if and when keeping mosquitoes away. Being safe from one problem and landing into another is not the way to go.

Whether the natural repellents are the way to go is a question that only time will answer. As now they seem to be working mighty well to keep both kids pets and even adults safe from mosquito bites even in some of the most infested places.

Make your call based on trusted information. Stay smart to stay safe!

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