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Are Perfumes Safe for Kids?

Ask any doting or even a not so doting parent for that matter as to how their children smell? The answer will more often than not be “heavenly”. Then there is another breed of parents who wants everyone else to think the same and so they go out and buy their little ones all the best possible perfumes and deodorants that they can get their hands on. While many parents are ok with it there are many others who question the safety of these perfumes when used on and by kids. While their safety concerns are justified, the question mostly arises from lack of adequate information about the product. Here are some quick facts about the kids perfumes in question to help answer the question.

Know your product well: These days just about any type of fragrance passes for a perfume while technically speaking that is not a fact. Not all fragrances can be classified as perfumes. Here is how to distinguish between them.

            > Perfume: Usually contains 15-30% concentration of essential oils and are the strongest possible fragrances available in the global market.

            > Eau de Parfum: Usually contain 8-15% concentration of essential oils and are relatively weaker than the perfumes.

            > Eau de Toilette: Usually contain 4-8% concentration of essential oils and are weaker than the EDP’s.

            > Eau de Cologne: Usually contain 3-5% concentration of essential oils and are the most diluted of all fragrances.

            > Deodorant: Usually made from artificial laboratory made fragrances and has the highest chemical content.

The strength of these fragrances goes in the descending order with the perfumes lasting the longest and the cologne and deodorants the least. Additionally, the costs of these fragrances also follow the trend with the perfumes being the most expensive while the cologne and deodorants are relatively very cheap.

Using perfumes: Buy the best fragrance that you can afford if you are very keen on your child using fragrances. No matter which kind of fragrance your child is using, make it a point that the perfume is being used on the clothes and not on the skin. Additionally, ensure that you spray the fragrance in a well ventilated room. Perfumes no matter how good can be harmful if sprayed in the eyes or mouth and or ingested, so make it a point to keep the fragrances out of children’s reach. The products should always be used in adult supervision not only to avoid any accidents but also to reduce chances of kids swallowing small caps and parts of the bottle.

Quality check: Always make it a point to buy original good quality products for your children even if it means shelling a few extra bucks. Bad products will cause more damage in the long run. Buy your child’s fragrances from trusted stores and online sites to maintain the quality of products used.

As long as the kids perfumes are used in the way that they are designed to be used, perfumes are safe for kids. Parents need to insist on buying good quality products for their little ones and invest time to research them to keep the little ones smelling like your very own piece of heaven.

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