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Are your kids eating habits healthy?

A kid’s health quotient can very easily be gauged by their eating habits, healthy or not food on their plate will tell. We spend a lot of time and money for the wellbeing of our little ones, but in being so involved with the complicated stuff we tend to forget or side track the simpler things. These simpler things make a rather sizeable difference to our kid’s overall health. One of those being simple healthy eating habits that make a world of difference to kid’s overall health.

Here is a simple checklist to help keep your child’s health quotient up

Water is life: It’s a well-known fact that 70% of our bodies are made of water and that drinking sufficient water is a must for a healthy body. Kids drinking less water tend to have issues of the stomach and a lethargic body on a general note. Make sure that kids drink adequate water for their age. Make sure bottles of water are always handy and in sight to make sure that they are reminded of drinking water. Even during meals substitute aerated and sugared drinks for water and preferably warm. This simple habit will work wonders on your child’s body.

Fruits and Juices: As much as possible make sure that kids eat fruits whole and within a matter of 10-15 minutes once it’s cut. Cut fruits and juices left out for long undergo oxidation and lose their nutrients. Fruit juices on a general note should be avoided since they lose all the nutrients when exposed to air and the only thing left in the glass is a lot of natural sugars. Packed juices should be avoided at all costs since they do not have any nutrient value and are loaded with sweeteners and preservatives. Eating fruits help give the body much needed fiber and nutrients.

Avoid packaged food: Growing kids need wholesome nutritious food to grow healthy. No matter what the packaging says, packed food will do more damage than good to your kids. Packed food comes loaded with artificial flavorings, sugar, fine flour, stabilizers and what not. All chemicals that are not good for a growing body. As much as possible make sure kids eat freshly made wholesome food minus the chemicals. Even when cooking the food, make sure the food spends minimum possible time over the heat, over cooking causes loss of all essential nutrients.

Early dinner: As Indians we are in the habit of having late dinners. It is one of the most damaging habits. Make sure kids have an early dinner and that there is a gap of at least an hour between dinner and sleeping time. Eating late dinners means the body will spend the much needed energy meant for growth and recovery in digesting food. It’s no good for a growing child. Kid’s dinner should be done as early as 6 and latest by 9 PM.

Simple changes for a healthier childhood. Have you made them yet?

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