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Aromatherapy For Kids

Aromatherapy? That too for kids? It is bound to raise some eyebrows in utter confusion arising out of unawareness mostly. That being said, big money is being spent on research to study the effects of pure natural essential oils on people and their behaviour. To most people it may sound like jibber jabber and utter non sense, but the fact remains that essential oils if used appropriately are known to help with one’s wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Essential oils are known to have calming, soothing and relaxing effects on people. Every parent who’s reading this has their ears up in full attention trying to figure out if these essential oils can calm a couple of tantrum throwing toddlers, get them to concentrate on studies or just plain relax and soothe a hyperactive child! Well the answer is a big YES! While aromatherapy should not be taken lightly and meddled with, here are some simple uses and tips for using aromatherapy for kids.

Aromatherapy oils are known to create new pathways of memory in the brain, use this fact to your advantage. By smelling a certain smell at the time of studying and then smelling it when the information is require, helps recall the information faster. This trick works well for kids facing problems with retention and recall when studying. If essential oils are not your cup of tea then use kids fruity perfumes that contain the required essential oils. Citrus smells like lemon or orange work well for this hack.

The citrus and mint family of oils are known to help people become more aware and alert. Get in the habit of using these smells to wake up sleepy kids and have them be active and alert for the day. Now that we have got waking up out of the way, let’s talk sleep. Getting kids to sleep is another nightmare in itself. Fret not here’s lavender to the rescue. Yes the oh so familiar lavender! It is known to have soothing and relaxing effect on people and kids alike. Use a diffuser or spray some diluted essential oil in the room when you want the kids to relax and sleep peacefully.

With regular use, kids will associate the fragrances with the effect they have on them and will start responding so. Every time your kid smells lemon, even if it’s just one of those kids fruity perfumes they will be up and alert and wide awake. They will study sleep and play better with aromatherapy, if used well.

Aromatherapy is both simple and complicated in the sense that while the remedies are simple, complex understanding of the oils, their effects, reactions and usage has to be there before effectively being able to use it. Extra caution is required when using essential oils for kids given their sensitive and delicate composition. If used well it’s a gift from god for all parents having parenting nightmares!

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