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Building the hygiene culture in kids

There are lots of basics about personal hygiene that are applicable for the kids and the adults alike. For instance, washing hands before eating and after coming home from the outdoors, covering the mouth while coughing and sneezing etc and keeping the surroundings clean and tidy always fall into the category of personal hygiene.

Hygiene Culture in Kids

There are also some other things that can be considered as factors of personal hygiene. Here are some healthy habits for kids about how to maintain the basic personal hygiene.

When your child is a toddler, it is the ideal time to teach him all that you can about personal hygiene. Teach him about washing his hands after he comes back home from outside, before he starts eating his breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ask him to put a handkerchief in his mouth before sneezing or coughing, and also why he should regularly have showers and wash himself with soap and water.

Help him with the dental floss and cleaning of teeth initially so that he learns and also understands the importance of personal hygiene. It is important to keep clean in order to stay healthy. Simply by teaching your kids to wash their hands before eating can help them in preventing major sicknesses and in fighting the bacteria and germs.

Smelly feet and hand can also be a problem for your child, whether or not he is a sporty athlete. Teach him to avoid getting smelly at the feet simply by giving extra attention to the feet while having shower. Also, you should ensure that his feet are completely dry before he puts on his shoes. It is also a good idea to alternate the shoes each day and to wear cotton socks as they absorb the smell and sweat from the feet.

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