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Can Hand Sanitizers Prevent Kids From Falling Sick?

Hand sanitizers have taken the Mommy world by storm all thanks to its simple handy size and effectiveness. Hand sanitizers have been talk of the town recently for various reasons. Some parents in favor of hand sanitizers, some other against and then there are some arguing over which is the best hand sanitizer. Kids and hand sanitizers have been a matter of debate for quite some time now questioning its effectiveness on whether hand sanitizers can prevent kids from falling sick, safety and its side effects to name a few.

Hand sanitizers basically fall into 2 categories, alcohol and alcohol free hand sanitizers. It’s a proven fact that hand sanitizers with an alcohol content exceeding 60% will kill most disease causing germs including most bacteria, viruses and fungi  that come in contact with it. Alcohol hand sanitizers literally kill germs by disintegrating their cell membranes and killing them completely. This method is very effective given that it leaves no chance for the germs to become resistant to it.  Alcohol free hand sanitizers are based on compounds like triclosan or benzalkonium chloride which may create resistant species of harmful microbes. They are also known to dry hands and rip the skin of its natural oils necessary for the skin barrier.

Alcohol based or alcohol free both hand sanitizers will prove to be redundant if the hands are visibly dirty. Sanitizers are incapable of killing germs lodged under soil and dirt. The hand sanitizer is a good option if soap and water are not easily available, but is not a replacement for them in such cases. Hand sanitizers can help prevent kids from falling sick, condition being that it is used appropriately.

How to use a hand sanitizer

1.       Coin size quantity should be taken in one hand

2.       Rubbed on both hands on all surfaces including the nails and between fingers

3.       Rub until dry

This is the correct way of using a hand sanitizer. Ensure that hands are not soiled, else the sanitizer will not be effective. In such cases its best to wash hands with soap and water and then use a sanitizer.

Sanitizers should be used at appropriate times like before meals, after playing with pets, after using the washroom, after handling raw meat or touching open wounds.

To answer the question, Yes sanitizers can prevent kids from falling sick, but only when used properly as per guidelines.

Kids and hand sanitizers are a tricky duo. Kids should be taught how and when to use a sanitizer. They should also be taught that despite its delicious smell, sanitizers are not food and can cause poisoning if ingested. As parents one must make sure that younger kids use hand sanitizers only under adult supervision. Using a sanitizer with moisturizers is a good bet.

You are the only person who can take a call on which is the best hand sanitizer for your kids and their needs.

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