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Children’s Immunity Booster

“Prevention is better than cure”

Yes, we’ve all heard it and thousands of times for that matter.

Why are we repeating what you already know? Well, because you know you have made it your motto ever since you had the fortune of parenting your cute little angelic looking devil, who came in and made your life one hell of a roller coaster ride.

Here’s our list of immunity-boosting healthy tips for kids that will make your parenting roller coaster life a lot easier.

1.It’s all in the dish

Yes, it actually is,” All in the Dish!” Make sure your kids meals have a lot of different colored food. A healthy colorful diet really is the best Immunity booster available in the market. Research shows that children who ate more colored vegetables and fruits had stronger immunity compared to those who didn’t, and missed school less often.

2.Sleep on it

Sleep deprivation can cause havoc in a child’s immune system. Sleep lets the body repair and heal itself.  Make sure you child is well rested for his age, it will work wonders. Studies show that children who get at least 8-10 hours of sleep have much stronger immunity systems. Simply put, less sleepless nights for you because they are sleeping more.

3.Go Play!

Exercising regularly increases the natural killer cells in the body. Sports are not just for fun, its ensuring a healthier immunity for your child. The next time your child comes to you asking to join the school soccer team, say “Go Play”, knowing well that it’s going to benefit both of you.

4.Gut It

Keep your child’s gut healthy. A healthy gut means a healthy child. Include more of India’s favorite probiotics- chaas, dahi, pickels etc to your meals. Probiotics are an excellent way to boost the immune system by increasing healthy gut bacteria, which can then properly fight off bad bacteria and germs.

5.Get some SUN

The sun is the best and easiest source of vitamin D. Make sure your children spend some time in the early morning sun. It will help keep their immune system live and kicking, like the rock-star your child is.

Want more of these healthy tips for kids? Stick around with us, we will be back with more. Let us do the work for you, while you sit back and enjoy your tiny tot’s childhood.

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