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Children’s Health Issues and Concerns

As citizens of parenting town, the parents like to stay in the now of what’s what. For the new citizens of parenting town here is a look at the most common health issues and concerns that your young ones are most likely to have given their environment and age. Stay informed and take precautions so you can prevent most of the list below and more.

1.Gastroentitis: This is one of the most common health problems for children India. It is an infection of the GI tract that causes diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and fever. your child may show some or all of the symptoms mentioned. Dehydration is one of the major concerns with this particular concern. Ensure that a doctor checks your child and is given the proper medication and rehydration fluids.

2.Conjunctivitis: It refers to redness, irritation and watering of the eyes. This is usually caused due to inflammation in the conjunctiva. The infection usually spreads from one eye to the other due to touching. The child should be taken to the doctor for a check up and appropriate medication and eye drops.

3.URTI: Upper respiratory tract infection are common in children these days due to the high levels of air pollution. Influenza, common cold, sore throat and tonsillitis fall under this category.  Tonsillitis is caused due to infection in the tonsils on the side of the throat.These are a type of lymph nodes. The infection results win a sore throat, difficulty swelling and headaches.

4.Rickets: Lack of vitamin D is the fundamental cause of rickets and is common in children, especially 6 to 24 months age. Lack of exposure to adequate sunlight causes a vitamin d deficiency. Rickets causes softening and weakening of bones. A calcium deficiency can also cause rickets. The best way to deal with it is enough exposure to early morning sun and adequate calcium in the diet as a preventive measure.

5.Tuberculosis: This is one infection that kids under 2 years of age are highly susceptible to due to their still under developed immunity. Tuberculosis caught early is very much curable with effective treatment.

6.Bronchitis and asthma: These are lung problems caused due to high levels of air pollution. an asthmatic child should have proper treatment and care under a doctor’s supervision. These need to be treated with antibiotics and bronchodilators.

7.Typhoid: This is a water borne disease that is quite common in India due to lack of clean water and sanitation. Typhoid vaccination should be given to children at the appropriate time in addition to maintaining cleanliness in and around the house. Clean water should be used for all purposes. Symptoms of typhoid include diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, stomach aches, weakness, fever, chest congestion etc.

8.Scabies: It is a highly contagious disease caused by tiny insects caused by mites. They burrow into the skin and lay eggs which very soon become adult mites. symptoms include superficial burrows, itching and rashes. Kids should be taken to see the doctor immediately for treatment before the situation gets worse.  Kids should not be sent to school or day care until completely healed.

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