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Choosing the Right Wet Wipe Tissues for Kids

Wet wipe tissues are one of those must have things that you will find in every mother’s bag. As a matter of fact the world of moms swears by them. Nothing like a good pack of wet wipe tissues to clean up the mess that the little ones are more than capable of creating. Be it a face full of food titbits or their cotton ball soft bottoms, the wet wipes are a heroic boon always there to help moms in need of a rescue. The best part is that after cleaning up the little ones, you can just toss the wipes in the bin.

Wet wipes tissues are no doubt an easy way out to the daily cleaning woes for relatively new parents, however they also come with their own set of problems like most other products. Kids tend to have very delicate and sensitive skins, especially the young infants. Using the wrong kind of wipes can cause skin irritations, allergies, redness, rashes and itching causing discomfort for the little ones and even more discomfort to the parents. Here are some simple things to keep in mind when buying baby wipes for your little bundle of joy.

  1. Thick and textured: Make sure you use relatively thicker and textured wipes for the little ones. Thickness will protect the wipes from tearing, your hands from the poo and the baby from your nails accidentally scratching them. Textured wipes help clean the mess faster and better
  2. Extra is not always good: Say no to wipes that contain benzyl alcohol, parabens and phthalates to begin with. These chemicals are harsh not only on the baby’s skin but also hazardous to their overall health too. They can cause toxicity that their bodies are still not capable of handling.
  3. Moisturizer enriched: Use wipes that are enriched with vitamin e and moisturizers. Lanolin and aloe vera enriched wipes are also a good choice to keep their cute little bottoms all soft and nourished. They reduces occurrences and severity of diaper rashes. Both these have soothing properties.
  4. Hypo allergic: Baby wipes are things that the little ones are going to come in contact with daily. Ensure that the wipes are tested to be hypo allergic so that the babies do not develop allergies to the contents of the wipes. Babies and allergies do not go very well together.
  5. Fragrance free: Fragrances are the corporate way of saying possibly hazardous chemicals in a mild and unassuming way. These artificial fragrances can cause havoc in the baby’s delicate system, so it is best to avoid them all together for your baby’s sake.
  6. Water is life: Try and opt for water based wipes. It is a given that alcohol based wipes will dry the baby’s delicate skin. Water based wipes are much safer and will not dry out the skin causing redness and irritation. Plus water is soothing on the skin.

Use our simple tips to ensure that you use safe and effective products when caring for your young one.

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