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Citronella Oil Benefits: Mosquito Repellent

Citronella oil benefits” every parent who’s ever googled the term has been positively surprised with the extensive list of benefits that the oil has. Aromatherapy, anti- depressant, antibacterial, fungicidal, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, deodorant, preservative, detoxifier, stimulant, tonic, skin care, hair care and mosquito repellent are just a trailer of its benefits of this essential oil. Parents, however, are fans of citronella oil thanks to its mosquito repellent properties.

Kids and mosquitoes in the same place, at a time when the national capital has just had a dengue out-break; just the thought is sufficient to have any parent break down in a nervous sweat and have anxiety attacks. Add to that the children actually falling sick from the mosquito sting and it’s every parent’s nightmare come true. This is where citronella oil comes to your rescue.

Citronella oil benefits as a mosquito repellent have been documented with a good number of studies. The most stringent health authority in the world, the US FDA considers citronella oil as GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) and is approved for use as a mosquito repellent. Citronella oil is known to repel even the much dreaded Aedes Aegypti viz the dengue fever mosquito. 

Citronella oil candles, bands, patches, creams, lotions, sprays and a long list of DIY options for making your own all natural mosquito repellent, that’s how versatile citronella oil is. Only drawback being the fact that the creams and lotions need to be re-applied more often than the ones containing toxic DEET. Citronella is completely natural, effective and safe. Citronella when ingested in small quantities is eliminated from the body through urine and is mostly safe for all.

When it comes to kids however, citronella oil based mosquito repellents are one of the best. Bands and mosquito patches laced with high quality and quantity of citronella oil are the most effective and preferred repellents. Citronella oil masks the natural odor that mosquitoes use to locate humans, keeping the kids safe. Given the fact that citronella oil repels mosquitoes instead of killing them, the chances of mosquitoes growing immune to it is eliminated completely. Citronella candles and diffusers are a good option when the kids are playing in your back yard. 

Citronella bands are fun to wear for the older kids and patches more suitable to the infants and toddlers. When using the patches for the little ones, stick them on the back of their clothes so that they don’t know there’s something there and are less likely to try and taste it. The bands and patches are more efficient and convenient in harsh weather conditions compared to the creams, sprays and lotions which leave a sticky slimy feel on the skin and get washed away with sweat.

Word from the wise- Citronella keeps your kids safe from mosquitoes, makes them feel fresh, happy and hopeful (aromatherapy benefit), makes the kids smell lemony fresh, is completely natural, safe, easy on the pockets and fun for the kids to use. A mosquito repellent just doesn’t get any better. 

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