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Differentiate Between Original and Fake Perfumes

Fake perfumes are a plague in the perfume industry. Having to shell out big bucks for fake perfumes is not fair to either the buyer or the original manufacturer. Here are some sure shot ways to help you differentiate between the two.


1.Search and research: Visit then brand’s website to get information about the perfume, its packaging and pricing. Additionally, one can visit a nearby store to get a feel of the authentic perfume. Make note of the packaging, pricing, location of the details on the packaging and its ingredients. It will help differentiate between authentic and fake perfumes. Check the batch number and bar code with the manufacturer if you have long standing doubts.


2.The devil is in the detail: Check the packaging of the bottle. Authentic perfumes are usually packed in good quality cardboard boxes with an impeccable finish. Additionally, the boxes are tightly wrapped in cellophane. Fake perfumes usually have sloppy packaging and have traces of tape and glue on the cellophane. Additionally, look out for grammatical errors which are a sure shot give away of fake perfumes. Original perfumes do not have grammatical errors. Check the placement of the bar code and the ingredients in the perfumes.


3.Bottle up: Authentic permed will usually have tight fitting caps to their perfect finish glass bottles that the perfumes are sold in. The fake ones do not have good finishing on the bottles and use low quality bottles and at times plastic ones too. Visit the nearby store to get a look and feel of the authentic bottles.


4.Know your perfume well: Original perfumes are usually complex and have three layers of fragrances. The top, middle and bottom layers of fragrance that smell different at different times. Fake perfumes have a very flat fragrance and at times gives you a headache when sprayed. Authentic perfumes have a long list of natural and synthetic ingredients that give it complexity. The fake ones on the other hand are singularly made from synthetic ingredients and cannot match up the complexity of the original ones. Trying out the smell of the perfume is a good way to distinguish the original ones from the fake ones. Regular users are bound to make the distinction with a single spray.


5.Price check: Last but not the least check the price. Good authentic perfumes are usually priced on the higher end. Branded perfumes selling cheap or at flea markets is a sure shot give away with end of season sales and stores closing down being exceptions. Authentic perfumes are rarely ever sold cheap. While discounts are possible, too big discounts are usually not a good sign.


6.Knowing the seller:  It is usually preferable to buy them from a reputed seller to minimize the chances of being sold fake perfumes. Buying perfumes online pose a risk unless thorough background checking has been done on the seller. Say for example on sites like eBay it is a good sign for sellers to have pay pal accounts since that would mean having to give out information. Buying it from a retail shop is a better option since you can easily go and return it in case you are doubtful of the product.

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