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Do Mosquito Repellent Wrist Bands Work?

Every mother knows for a fact that children and diseases together in the same room are a traumatizing experience, and not just for the kids, but for the whole family. The likes of as Dengue, Malaria, Typhoid and Chikungunya take the trauma to a whole new level.

 “A Mosquito bite” is not just a mosquito bite any more, it is an open invitation to a host of diseases. Uproot the weed in the roots itself- the friendly neighbourhood mosquitoes. The market is overflowing with products that cater to this particular need, mostly in the form of creams, sprays, gels and nets, etc. Nets however, are not exactly child friendly when the only thing kids want to do is- Play.

The sprays, creams and gels are laced with the likes of DEET, which are known to cause fatigue, headache, shortness of breath, muscle pain, etc in adults. Its toxicity in children will leave a toxicologist anxious, given children’s delicate immune systems.

Why risk exposing your child to such toxicity, opt for simpler safer alternatives. Mosquito repellent wrist bands fit the bill perfectly. These mosquito repellent bands are every busy mom’s dreams come true- simple, effective and safe. Citronella oil- extracted from the citronella plant, is a US FDA approved natural and effective mosquito repellent. It is used worldwide in creams, sprays, candles, soaps etc. Jungle Magic is one of the very few Indian Brands which have mastered the art craft and science of these bands to make them 100% safe on your child’s skin.

The list of perks of these unique mosquito repellent wristbands is endless, there is something for everyone. The various designs viz- Butterfly, Dragon, Tiger and Eagle keep the children happy, engaged and spoilt for choice. Parents love that it’s completely organic, effective, safe and stylish.

Slap on the band on the wrist/ ankle and the kids are good to go. Fighting mosquitoes was never this cool, easy or fun.

Let your children enjoy their carefree childhood while we take care of all your mosquito problems with our Jungle Magic Mosquito Banditz.

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