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Everything You Need To Know About Kids Perfumes

Everything your little angel uses has to be special, be it the shampoo for their heavenly smelling hair, or body wash and creams that help keep their cute little bottoms so kissable and soft. The same goes for your kids perfumes that make them smell oh so good.

We know how much you love your notorious little cutie pies, so here are some words from the wise to keep your little ones smelling good and stay safe at the same time.

  1. Tiny Tot Special -Always always and we mean always use perfumes especially designed for kids. They are mellowed down in their chemical content. Perfumes for adults are strictly a no-no for the kids, even if it’s just a splash and only occasional.
  2. Fragrance wise, Be wise- Be aware of the fragrances used in the perfumes, if they are natural oils or synthetic ones. Make sure you use only those perfumes which have natural oils used for fragrance, even if it means spending some extra bucks.

3.Splash Splash- No matter how safe the kids perfumes claim to be, spray them on the clothes and not the skin. Make sure that the perfumes are used in places with adequate ventilation.

4.Adults Supervision- Make sure that the perfumes are always used in adult supervision. It’s important to teach them how to use the perfumes properly as there is a possibility of your young one accidentally spraying the perfume in the eye, besides there is always the choking hazard from tiny bottle parts.

5.Aroma-yes it’s a therapy- opt for perfumes with fragrances that have soothing and calming effects on the mind and body. Calm kids are every parents dream come true.

Having their own special perfumes is a fun way of teaching them about grooming, but as parents it’s a must that you make sure that the products are actually safe for your kids. Just because a product is available in the market, doesn’t mean you have to use it, always check, double check and triple check. After all it’s for your special one.

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