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Everything you need to know about Natural mosquito repellents

With India and the whole of Asia on alert for a possible Zika virus outbreak, mosquito repellents both natural and chemical have taken the limelight as the first line of defense against mosquitoes. Natural mosquito repellents in particular are becoming all the rage amongst parents who are becoming increasingly aware of the threats that chemical repellents pose to kids. While chemical repellents are quiet effective, their list of side effects over prolonged use is also quiet extensive. This is particularly why parents are becoming more inclined towards the natural mosquito repellents.

While natural repellents are good to go, the market is flooded with products claiming to be natural but are more than capable of causing more damage than the chemical ones even with short term use while there are others are simply useless in providing any protection from mosquitoes what so ever. Here is the checklist that you need to tick off when buying a natural mosquito repellent for the little ones.

1. Active ingredient: Always always and we mean always check the active ingredient in the product to see if the ingredient used is natural or natural like but synthesized in a lab. While it may seem like a minor thing its implications can be far reaching and not necessarily good. Only a few natural essential oils are recognized to be effective to ward off mosquitoes the rest are just ineffective.

2. Read the label: Most of us are in the bad habit of not reading the labels on the products that we buy. Natural or not, one should always take the time to read the label before adding it to your shopping cart. When it comes to natural repellents check if the ingredients used are essential oils or extracts or essence of the main ingredient. Only products using high quantities of essential oils are effective at keeping mosquitoes away. Essence and extracts while natural are not strong enough to be effective in keeping mosquitoes away.

3. Instructions for use: Natural repellents are available in many forms. Given the fact that they contain high quantities of essential oil, which while safe are way too concentrated to be used directly on the skin. It is best to use the products as per instruction s on the label. Stay wary of instructions that can raise red flags when it comes to safety. Most natural repellents wear of in a matter of an hour or two and need to be reapplied frequently. If the label on your product says otherwise, it is best to opt for different product altogether.

Natural mosquito repellents are usually effective and safe, but given the new boom in the demand a lot of fake and substandard products have found their way to the buyers. Given that it is your child’s health and safety in question, its best to be vigilant of the products that you buy especially for the kids!

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