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Parent Wars 101- Expert Advice On Dengue Treatment For Children

Mosquitoes! By looking at their size, you might think that what harm can they do? Don’t be fooled by their size. They might be tiny but their bite is not. Their bite is responsible for most of the infections, viruses and diseases that fly in the air during the monsoon season. Chikungunya, Malaria, Dengue fever—you name it and that mischievous mosquito will be ready to knock at your door.

They are uninvited unwanted guests every monsoon season. These blood-sucking mosquitoes start hovering around our houses and especially our kiddos as they are soft targets. Amongst them, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, fully loaded with the Dengue virus is the most dangerous one.

Since, war is declared every monsoon and post-monsoon season, it is important that parents take out their armours to win the battle against these mosquitoes. However, if your child is already infected, strategy and expert treatment is the need of the hour. Now that you know, that the little one is already infected, the better option is to stay calm and follow our expert’s advice for faster recovery.

  1. Ensure children get adequate rest for them to revive faster.
  2. After consultation with your doctor, you can also request them to prescribe pain killers, to ease the headaches and pain associated with Dengue fever. Always make sure that pain killers are administered to kids only after proper consultation with the family doctor. Do not use OTC pain killers for symptoms of dengue fever
  3. If you see that your child has severe symptoms of the disease, seek immediate medical care. This could be an indication of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF)
  4. When your child is unable to take fluids orally, doctors can deliver Intravenous fluids supplementation (IV drip) and electrolytes (salts) to replace the fluids lost through vomiting or diarrhoea. This is usually enough to effectively treat the disease, as long as fluid replacement therapy begins early
  5. In more advanced cases, your child might need blood transfusion to replace lost blood. Doctors will take care of that
  6. It is important that you opt for hospital care when the symptoms of Dengue worsen as the doctors there can properly monitor your child’s fluid levels and blood pressure
  7. In all cases of Dengue infection, regardless of how serious symptoms are, efforts should be made to keep your child away from being bitten by mosquitoes. This can help prevent the illness from spreading to other kids.

While the word ‘Dengue’ is sufficient for any parent to panic, it is better to ‘Stay informed, Stay Safe.’ We will be back soon with more advice from the experts to keep the little ones mosquito safe. 

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