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Grandma’s Remedies for Cough and Cold in Kids

Use Grandma’s tried and tested over the years remedies to help soothe your child, when down with cough and cold. Grandma’s remedies are natural, effective, safe and healthy tips for kids. The only drawback is that you kids won’t be drowsy all day long.

Turmeric Milk

Turmeric, or haldi, is rich in volatile oils and curcumin which have a therapeutic effect on individuals suffering from cold and cough. It also possesses anti-bacterial properties which help your child’s immune system fight against infection. All that you have to do is add one teaspoon of haldi to a glass of milk and give it to your child to drink.


Garlic contains naturally occurring antioxidants which help protect your children from several infections. It also contains a compound called allicin, which possesses anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. So for your child, take 4 cloves of garlic, crush them and sauté them in a teaspoon of ghee. Or you can add the same amount of garlic to piping hot tomato soup, along with a little rock salt. 

Honey and Lemon

Honey is accepted globally as an extremely effective remedy for cough, because it has a very soothing effect. If your child is less than two years old, dip your finger in a jar of honey and let your child lick it. If you have an older child, give them a tablespoon of honey along with 10 drops of lemon juice to drink.

Aniseed (Ajwain) 

Now this is one of those healthy tips for kidsthat you might have only heard from your nanior dadi. Take a piece of cloth (preferably cotton) and add some ajwainto it. Fold a piece of cloth over the ajwainand run an iron over it to warm it up. Make sure it’s warm and not hot. Then place it gently on your child's chest and then rub it gently back and forth. Do this twice a day and you’ll see results in no time! 


Steam is an excellent remedy for a congested chest. If you have a steam machine, great! If not, then boil some water and pour it in a big bowl. Add one teaspoon of Vaporubto it. You can also add eucalyptus oil to the water. Put a towel on your child’s head and ask them to inhale the steam. Make sure the towel is spread all around the bowl in order to ensure minimum leakage of the steam. 
Make your child do this for 5 minutes at least twice a day. 

Gargling with salt water
This one is for children over the age of 4.Add half a teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water and mix it. Then ask your child to gargle it. If your child isn’t familiar with gargling, make them do a few trials with plain water first.

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