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Hand Hygiene - the Easiest Way to be Fit and Healthy

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so is true in case of hand hygiene. Hand hygiene is something, which is always underrated and neglected. We are concern about fitness regime, healthy eating, proper diet, healthy lifestyle, but do not pay much attention to a simple yet quite an effective way of maintaining our health - hand hygiene.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene generally refers to washing your hand with water or soap to make it germ-free. The first line of protection that you can take against spreading of many diseases like common cold, flu, bronchiolitis, diarrhea, bronchiolitis etc. is by maintaining proper hand hygiene. Different studies around the world have shown that only 70% of the population washes their hands after coming from washroom, among them only 30% people use soap while the remaining 40% use only water to wash their hands. The unfortunate reality is people refrain from washing their hands adequately and even if they do, they do not follow the right technique of washing hands.

Why hand hygiene is so important?

Hand hygiene is one of the most essential ways of staying healthy. Your hands harbor millions of germs and bacteria that you cannot see in naked eyes. You also touch so many things like mobile phone, laptop, books, desk etc., which are full of germs and then touch your nose, mouth or eyes without realizing that you are making yourselves vulnerable to so many infection and diseases. So washing hands properly with soap or alcohol is a necessity to keep a healthy body.

When shall you wash your hands?

As you touch surfaces, different objects and people throughout the day, you gather germs on your hands. Thusly, you can contaminate yourself with these germs by touching your eyes, nose or mouth. In spite of the fact that it's difficult to keep your hands completely germ-free, washing your hands often can help confine the exchange of microorganisms and bacteria. So let's see when you should consider washing hands:

  • Before taking or giving medicines and treating wounds
  • After holding garbage, any kind of chemicals and anything dirty such as soiled clothes and shoes
  • After visiting washroom or changing a diaper
  • Wash your hands after your cough or sneeze into your hands
  • Before and after cooking foods and eating
  • After touching any animals as animal body too carries lot of bacteria and virus.

What are the right ways of washing hands?

Not only people avoid washing hands but also, they often do not do it correctly even while using soap or alcoholic cleanser. During washing hands, most people tend to miss some parts of the hands, especially the fingertips and some areas of the palm. Thus, a proper technique should be followed to maintain hand hygiene.

  • Apply water and liquid soap or bar soap to your hands
  • Rub all surfaces of your hands and wrist for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wash the backside of your palm and between fingers and fingernails also
  • Rinse your hand well and then pat dry with a dry paper or cloth towel

So, spend a little more time on hand hygiene and keep illness and doctors at bay!

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