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Healthy Diet for Children

“Kids are not eating properly”

“Kids fall sick very often”

“Kids are weak”

“Kids are not growing according to their age”

These are just some of the complaints that most parents have when it comes to their kid’s health. While most of the time they fall back on dietary supplements to cover up for the deficiencies, they usually aren’t enough to meet the growing children’s nutrition needs. While most pediatrics recommend these dietary supplement to make up for what the kids fail to eat, the supplements do not provide the same quality of nourishment that regular whole food does.

Here are some of our healthy diet tips for children to solve your child’s health problem issues.

  1. Eat as nature meant it: Make sure that kids eat food in the most natural way possible. Whole milk instead of skimmed and fat free. Both egg whites and yellow instead of just the whites. Fruits and vegetable with minimum processing and cooking. Vegetable should not be cooked over a long period of time and on high temperatures. They lose all their nutrition value. The same goes for fruits. Chop them when you want to eat them, do not store them chopped for anything more than 15-20 mins after which the fruits will start losing their nutritive value due to oxidation. Stick to the fruits and vegetable that are in season instead of opting for imported and frozen varieties.

  2. Easy does it: Make it a point that the kid’s metabolism stays pumped up by giving them 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 big ones. Fresh fruits and nuts work wonders when eaten as snacks at various times of the day. Eating local and seasonal is the best way to keep kid’s healthy the way mother nature intended. Forcing kid’s to eat never helps so introduce them to one new food item at a time till they get used to it and them start with a new one. Easy is the way to go about it.

  3. Avoid packed food: As much as possible avoid packed food. They do not have the same nutrition quality as fresh foods. Plus the packaged food come with additives like artificial preservatives, colors, flavoring etc. These add-on’s will not prove to be healthy for your child in the long run. Additionally packed foods tend to have extra fat, sugar and salt which are damaging for children over a long term use.

  4. Smart choices: Let the kids feel in control of their lives by giving them a choice between two healthy options. Instead of forcing them to eat fruits, give them a choice between an apple and an orange or a banana and a watermelon. Kids are more likely to eat and finish what they choose. Keep the fridge and closets stocked with healthy foods and keep them in the front. Kids will eat whatever they come across first. Healthy options are a must for a healthy diet for children.

It just takes a little patience and smart work to get kids in the habit of eating healthy from a young age.

PS: Kids will follow your actions instead of your advice so do what you preach to them if you want them to follow.

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