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Healthy Eating habits 101

Any one and every one who’s a parent will agree to the fact that prevention is better than cure and healthy eating habits go a long way to prevent kids from falling sick. Everyone who’s not a parent will agree too. Kids and eating have the love hate relationship that you just can’t overlook. It’s one of those things that can either become your best friend or worst enemy since food forms the very foundation of a healthy body and childhood. Plus healthy eating habits once formed will last you a life time, here is our 101 on healthy eating habits so your kids have healthy childhood they deserve

Schedule: Routines are a must for forming healthy habits. Meals should be planned along with snacks between the meals for a healthy diet. Schedules let kids be more in tune with their body and its needs.

Food Pyramid: Children tend to be picky so find at least one food item from each nutrition group that your child likes and will eat readily. Don’t worry if they choose only one, they will expand their pallet as they grow older.

Breakfast is king: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it kick starts their metabolism for the day. A good healthy and hearty breakfast is a day well begun and half done.

Slow it down: It takes 20 minutes for brain to register that you have had enough to eat. Make sure that the kids eat slowly so that they have time to realize that they have eaten enough and don’t over eat. Make sure that meal times are peaceful and unhurried.

Water Binge: Make sure that sweet and aerated drinks are kept away from the table during meal times. Encourage kids to have water or soups instead. It’s a healthier alternative.

Potion control: Make sure that the potions served to kids are in accordance with their age and appetite. Too small and too big potions can do more harm than good. Make sure that kids eat smaller portions multiple times a day. A portion every 1.5- 2 hours is ideal.

Veggie up: Fruits and vegetables should be eaten in plenty. Give kids a choice so they feel in control and eat happily. Not a choice between veggies or no veggies, rather a choice between 2 or 3 fruits and vegetables. That ways kids are more likely to eat it since it’s their choice.

Variety is the spice: Expose kids to a wide variety of kids, let their palate expand to accommodate new and different types of food. They will become conditioned to at least try new foods, more variety means they are more likely to eat. Keep the choices between healthy foods though.

Mommy is as mommy does:  All the tips and tricks will go down the drain, if you are not a good role model. Do what you preach, and the kids are likely to follow. Simple is the way to go for a healthy childhood



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