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Healthy Eating Habits for a Fun Summer

Last few days of school left and the much awaited summer vacation is just around the corner. The moment you mention summer, images of family vacation, kids playing around and long visits from relatives come to the mind. While summer is fun time, it is also a researched fact that kids tend to put on weight during the summer due to lack of a routine and binging on all possible junk food that they can get their hands on. Given such erratic routines and the summer high ensuring healthy eating habits becomes rather difficult. Here are some simple tips for healthy eating habits during the hot summer.

  1.  Water up: there are no two ways about it. Long playing hours, hot summer days mandate drinking a lot of water. Water bottles should always be within sight and reach. It is one of those things where the out of sight out of mind rule applies. Make a game out of finishing a certain amount of water each day so that kids make it a point to drink enough water.
  2. Stock up on fresh fruits: This simple tip will go a long way to keep kids healthy during the hot summers. Fresh season fruits have high water content and are full of vitamins and minerals. They will help boost energy levels and keep the kids feeling light and healthy. A lot of kids do not like fruits so the better way to deal with it is to let them pick the fruits. They are more likely to eat what they pick than what you force on them.
  3. Light and early suppers: Light meals are a must for the long summer days. Make sure that kids have an early dinner and if late latest by 9 PM. It helps the body deal with the summer heat and prevent kids from feeling bloated due to heavy meals which are rather difficult to digest and can make kids uneasy.
  4. Snack on it: Keep healthy snacks within reach. Bored kids tend to go grazing on whatever is available in the pantry or fridge. Always make it a point to keep the healthier snacks at the front of the shelves and the fridge. Avoid stocking up on fried and junk food. A small portion of a treat or two each week is acceptable and required.
  5. Ditch the pack: Ditch any and every drink (except water) that comes packed in a bottle or sachet. Sweetened juices, colas, sodas, etc are a complete no. Always prefer options like fresh fruit juices, chaas, nimbu paani, aam panna and fresh coconut water in addition to regular water when thirsty. Packet juices just add calories and sugar without the required nourishment. Always remember that fresh is always better.

The body’s requirements change with the changing seasons. Summer vacations don’t need to take a toll on your child’s healthy. Simple effective healthy eating habits go a long way in keeping kids healthy no matter what season of the year it is. Follow our summer tips to ensure that kids have all the fun without any of the drama.

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