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Healthy Hygiene Habits for Kids

With summer also comes the season of seasonal flu, cough and cold that kids tend to bring home from other kids. While summer vacations are all for fun and frolic a bout of the flu can spoil the fun. India being a tropical country has hot humid summers. While it is all good for kids and their vacation, summer also means faster spreading germs due to the humidity and heat. Kids tend to be the biggest victims of the seasonal flu due to lack of proper hygiene habits. Here are our simple hygiene habits to ensure nonstop summer fun for the kids.

Hands up first: Hygiene is undoubtedly amongst the top healthy habits for kids. Good hand hygiene alone can reduce the rate of kids falling sick by more than 50 %. Hand hygiene habits include washing hands before and after meals, after handling raw vegetables and meats, after using the washroom, before and after touching any open wounds and after playing with pets to start with. It also includes using a hand sanitiser when soap and water are not available. It is important to teach kids the correct way of washing hands. We have penned it down for you.

  1. Wet hands with water
  2. Take small amount of soap and lather
  3. Rub the palms of both hands
  4. Rub the back of the hands
  5. Clean between the fingers
  6. Clean under the nails
  7. Wash with water
  8. Dry hands with a clean towel

Shower fun: Get the kids to shower at least twice a day. A shower after playing outside is a must. It washes away the harmful germs. Make sure that kid’s use their own towel and that towels are not to be shared with anyone. To each his own.

Sharing is not always caring: Make it a point that kids do not drink from the same water bottle when playing. Sharing things like water bottles, napkins etc tend to spread a lot of germs. Sharing sweaty napkins and handkerchiefs is a complete no for kids and adults alike.

Keep it short: Make it a point that kids keep their nails short. Germs and dirt tend to get clogged under the nails and cause stomach problems. Kids have a habit of getting their hands in dirty the mud when playing around. Keeping nails short and cutting them regularly is a good and effective hygiene habit.

Fresh clothes: Summers tend to be sweaty and make it a point that kids do not repeat any clothes without them being washed. Sweaty clothes tend to carry a lot of germs. All clothes should be put in for a wash once worn, even if it is for a very small duration of time. It is not enough to dry clothes out in the sun after wearing them, washing them is a must.

Healthy habits for kids should be inculcated early on so they remain for a life time. More importantly, kids will follow the habits that they see their parents following. So be wise and practice what you preach to them.


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