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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids

“Aaj bhi nahi khaya” this seems to be the anthem that most mom’s and some dads have been heard citing every other day when they open their little one’s lunch box. To cook every day and see the lunch boxes come back just the same and still continue day in and day out takes nerves of steel to put up with. It quite literally is a beating to take on, for one’s parental ego to see lunch boxes come back uneaten. However, one need not beat them self-up, all it takes to change the situation is a little help and smart work. Here are some healthy lunch ideas to ensure that the tiffin boxes come back licked clean.

  1. Let them Pick: Sit with the kids and let them negotiate the menu with you so you can reach a middle ground in terms of healthy food and the food that they like. Kids are more likely to eat when they know what’s in the box and they have agreed to it. Let the kids feel like they are in control by giving them controlled choices like letting them choose the fruit they want to eat in a break. This is the best way to reduce the tug of war about the lunch box.
  2. Set the rules: Sit with them and set the rules when it comes to food. Clearly state the expectations both yours and theirs. Negotiate do not order. If the kids have agreed to the rules, they are more likely to follow them. Forcing things on kids does not help. So avoid the power struggle.
  3. Get creative: Put a little thought when packing the lunch box. Keep in mind their likes and dislikes and take them into consideration when packing their lunch. Finding a funny face sandwich in the lunch box is more likely to be eaten than the one without. A little though and creativity goes a long way.
  4. Leave a note: Leave a sweet love note in the box for your little one. On days that they are not likely to eat their lunch, leave a note saying that a surprise treat awaits them if they eat the food. Or leave a love note for them. This is one simple trick that works wonders. A “have a great day”, “enjoy lunch” and “love you” note can make a huge difference to your child’s day and mood for the better.
  5. Surprise: Plan small treats and surprises for the lunch box through the week. At times you can deviate from the week’s menu and send them something they love or just add in a sweet treat on random days to make them look forward to lunch. There is nothing better than a child looking forward to lunch time to have a tiffin box come back licked clean.

Simple ideas to change your child’s attitude towards food are all it takes to have them gobbling all the healthy stuff happily. Lunch or no lunch it all depends on their relationship with food. It is up to you how this relationship develops and its nurtured through their childhood. 

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