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Healthy Oral Care Tips For Your Kids

There is lots to take care of when it comes to your child’s wellbeing, including those shiny little teeth. They may seem like falling in place with time, but they do need immense amount of attention, care and protection. The healthier your child’s teeth are, the happier they would look. Even I realised it much later for my child, some bit of cavity had already cropped in. Initially I panicked, but eventually I coped up with it by going an extra mile. I would read and consult a lot on healthy dental regime, and follow it religiously. I think that is one of the big learnings I made during my early motherhood times. Here are few notes from that….

All your child’s primary teeth would emerge by the age of two and a half, while secondary teeth, of course, would usually not erupt until your child is six or seven. Do not panic if there is a slight delay in the timelines mentioned, it is absolutely normal for their teeth to arrive earlier or later than this.

Let’s take it from the first step, not many people know this, but babies are born with their teeth, it starts to erupt by the age of 6 months. Teething in itself is quite an episode to look forward to. You will find advice and suggestions flowing in when your little one is teething, or is expected to start teething. Things to remember here are - most children are bound to experience irritation in their gums, which can be handled to an extent by giving them objects to chew. Make sure you keep enough teething rings around your baby, cleaned and wiped, this will help in avoiding infections of any kind.

Healthy Oral Care Tips For Your Kids

I still remember how my print ad model friend, paid attention to cavity filled teeth of her daughter, only when her photographs for one of the children’s ad film got rejected by the media house several times. Till then, she would treat the cavities in her child as a part of the growing up phase.

It is imperative to start oral care way before the first tooth comes, as healthy gums would help bring out healthy teeth. You can use a clean soft wet cloth to clean their gums. After their teeth start to appear, you can use an infant brush and fluoridated toothpaste to clean their teeth gently. There is no harm in brushing their teeth twice daily, and avoid any food or drinks after bedtime brushing. I would advise parents to avoid a mouthwash until your child can spit the mouthwash out, and you can consult a paediatric dentist for more information on this. Avoid putting your child to sleep with a bottle of juice or milk, as that can trigger decay of their tooth. This is why I say, keeping your child’s teeth healthy, is no easy game.

As you may be aware, the most known problem among children is tooth decay it is essential to opt for healthy tips for kids. By the age of five, almost 50% children suffer from tooth decay. Parents tend to take it light thinking that cavities don’t really matter, since baby teeth would be lost anyway, not realising that baby teeth decay has an adverse effect on permanent teeth. Make sure to inculcate good dental habit from the beginning, this will help him absorb oral hygiene as no different from his daily routine. Children are normally found quite enthusiastic about the concept of tooth brushing, your guidance and supervision would ensure complete cleaning of accumulated bacteria and deposits from their teeth. Also, keep a look out for brown or white spots, which may be an indication of early tooth decay.

Here are a few handy healthy eating tips for kids to begin with, these will ensure to keep your child’s teeth healthy:

  • Brush twice daily with a soft bristle toothbrush.
  • Start using a fluoride toothpaste when your child is of age 3, only a pea-sized is enough clean their tiny teeth. Ensure they spit it out after brushing.
  • Make the first visit to your dentist before your child’s first birthday, and every six months thereon.
  • Try breaking pacifier or thumb sucking habits by the age of 4.
  • By the age of 6, try introducing the habit of flossing. This is applicable, as soon as teeth touch each other.
  • Pay more attention to the back teeth, as they tend to get ignored and chances are they have more plaque.
  • By the time your child starts to play sports, ensure a mouth guard is on to protect their teeth and the beautiful smile.
  • It is almost critical for children who wear braces to brush and floss their teeth thoroughly. The appearance of teeth without braces would purely depend upon the treatment the teeth get with braces on

In general sugar plays the negative role in the dental regime for both adults and children. More sugar exposure, more is the damage to your child’s teeth. Sticky, Chewy, sugar foods can do severe damage, as they remain in their teeth for the longest time. It is advisable to brush their teeth after consuming sugary item.

Change or learning begins at home, good oral hygiene is no different for your child’s healthy teeth.

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