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How safe is a hand sanitiser for children?

As parents the little bundles of joy are the center of our universe. Their health and safety the highest priority that there is! It is easier said than done though. Kids being gentle gullible creatures are always at risk of falling sick even from the simplest of things like little dirt and climatic changes. Keeping kids safe is a rather daunting task for parents. To help make this task easier, big pharma has come up with a many innovative solutions of which the hand sanitiser is one.

A lot of concerned parents have raised the question as to how safe a hand sanitiser is in the hands of a child and very rightly so! The only way to answer that question is know as to what a hand sanitizer is, how it functions. After that it is for individual parents to decide if they want their kids using a hand sanitiser or not!

A sanitiser is basically more than 60% alcohol in a gel solution. Alcohol is a known disinfectant. It kills most germs by disintegrating their cell membranes. Another type of sanitiser is the one containing benzalkonium chloride and the likes that kills off most germs. A lot of researcher’s are of the opinion that alcohol free hand sanitisers create resistant strains of germs and should be avoided.

Now that we know what hand sanitisers are we can come to discuss the matter of kids using hand sanitisers. We know for a fact that sanitisers kill germs which is good for kids, but they have drawbacks too! The first one being that it contains more than 60% alcohol which if consumed causes sizeable damage even in adults. Hand sanitisers come with a risk of kids ingesting it. Then comes the fact that alcohol in the sanitiser usually kills of the healthy flora on the skin and dry it out.

Now comes a question of its effectiveness! A sanitiser is a surface disinfectant which cannot kill germs that it doesn’t come in direct contact with. So while be a sanitiser can kill germs, it will prove to be useless when used on visibly dirty hands. Sanitisers are now coming laced with moisturizers and fragrances to appeal to the kids and keep their hands super soft.

To answer the question as to how safe a sanitiser is in the hands of a child, the answer is that a sanitiser is a good thing when used appropriately and under strict adult supervision. Leaving younger kids alone is a risk one should not take. Kid need to be taught about the product before they can use it independently. However, it is a choice each parent must make for themselves keeping in mind the acquired information, their child’s disposition, age and the situation.

How good a sanitiser will be eventually depends on the user and their discretion.




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