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How to Curb Disease Spreading Mosquitoes

A child dies of malaria every 30 seconds. 1 million people die of malaria every year and the WHO estimates 300-500 million cases of malaria being reported every year. It is staggering how many lives something as small as a mosquito can claim. Every parent who’s reading this has a dry mouth by now as they wonder in fear if their child was recently bit by a mosquito and if it can make their child sick.

It is time to stop wondering and start acting to prevent mosquito spreading diseases. Now that you have decided to start taking precautions, you need to start implementing them as if your child’s life depends on it, because it does!

To stop or prevent mosquito spreading diseases one must first learn about them. Take our quick class on how to curb mosquitoes to keep your loved ones safe.

Mosquitoes lay eggs and are born in still water as little as moist soil and an inch of water. Keeping that in mind, all still water should be cleared on a regular basis. Ensure that there’s no accumulation of water around you. Chlorinate the swimming pools, empty anything that holds water like tyres, tins, flower-pots, bird baths, etc. Water should not be allowed to accumulate anywhere. Drainage systems should be checked and kept covered to prevent mosquito breeding.

While the mosquitoes are still in the larva state, they can be killed easily. Ensure that the local authorities spray insecticides regularly to keep the mosquitoes in check. If there are water bodies in the vicinity, make sure that there are fishes in them so as to eat up the larvae and keep the mosquito population in check.

Once the mosquitoes have crossed the pupae stage and have become adults, they have a very short life and flight span. Ensure that minimal to none mosquito breeding happens in and around places of human settlements. Mosquitoes are weak fliers and cannot fly well against the wind. Use fans that blow strong wind to keep mosquitoes away. Though it is not a sure shot method, it helps prevent mosquito bites when the fans are placed strategically.

Adult mosquitoes can either be killed or repelled to prevent them from spreading diseases. Only repelling or only killing are not the answers. A combination of both has to be used to keep the mosquitoes at bay. Using chemical insecticides will create resistant mosquitoes making it even difficult to kill them. Only repelling doesn’t work either as the population will continue to grow and spread diseases.

Insecticides that work on the Larvae do not kill the adult mosquitoes and vice versa. Thus it is necessary to combine multiple ways to deal with the mosquito problems. Appropriate mosquito repellents like nets, mats, creams, coils, vaporizers, bands patches etc should be used at appropriate times to prevent mosquito bites and thus mosquito-borne diseases.

It is said that precaution is better than cure. We say take precautions so you don’t have to cure, especially when it is your child’s health and childhood on the line.

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