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How to Keep Mosquitoes Away 101

Kids, mosquitoes and a 101 class on how to keep mosquitoes away from your little bundle of joy. While we have grown up with our fair share of mosquito bites, when it comes to our kids, we want to do everything in our power to keep the tiny humans safe from the small but rather annoying and dangerous mosquito bites that carry infections like dengue, malaria, chickungunya, zika and god alone knows how many more that can make the kids sick, very sick.

Here is our 101 on how to keep mosquitoes away from your little ones so you can sleep peacefully and put your mosquito worries to rest.

1.     Reduce breeding: The simplest way to prevent kids from being bitten by mosquitoes is to reduce mosquito breeding in the vicinity. How to do that is as simple as simply destroying the possible places that they can breed in.

2.     Emptying all cans, tires, pots and bird baths that can hold fresh water is a simple step that goes a long way. Additionally, swimming pools need to be chlorinated enough to make the water unsuitable for mosquito breeding, while the kiddie pools need to be emptied regularly.

3.     When it comes to your locality, make sure that the pot holes are covered, possible slopes leading to water-logging need to be leveled and the drains covered.

4.     Prevent if you can’t kill: Make sure kids use appropriate mosquito repellent products at appropriate times to keep the little stingers away. These days the mosquito repellent band and patches form some of the most useful and safe mosquito repellents especially when playing outside.

5.     Make sure that the kids are dressed in loose clothing to prevent mosquito bites in addition to making them wear bright colors instead of the dark ones that attract mosquitoes.

6.     Kids these days’ smell like a garden of flowers and tend to attract mosquitoes with the sweet smells. Make sure kids do not use sweet smelling products when stepping out.

7.     Keep the gardens clean: Kid’s gardens should be mowed regularly and the mowed grass needs to be cleaned on a daily basis since even mowed grass is suitable for mosquito breeding.

8.     Use a mesh on the home windows to keep the mosquitoes out and away. Meshes laced with mosquito repellents work even better.

9.     Use a good fan which generated a strong wind. Mosquitoes are bad fliers and are less likely to be able to be able to settle on you if the wind blows in a direction taking them away from you.

10.    It is believed eating more garlicky food naturally helps to keep mosquitoes away from you.

11.   Take mother nature’s help to keep the pesky mosquitoes away. Plant lemon grass, rosemary, marigold or any other mosquito repelling plant that you like in your garden or on your window pane to naturally keep mosquitoes away.

These are just the simple ways to keep the kid’s mosquito safe so that you can sleep peacefully knowing that your kids are mosquito safe.


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