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How to Make Sure Kids Recover Faster from Dengue

Kids and dengue mentioned together are bound to make a lot of parents both nervous and anxious at the thought of their little one having to suffer from dengue. While the mere though is enough, there are a lot of parents who have already endured the brunt of the trauma of their child suffering from the notorious dengue virus. In case you are amongst the luckier ones who still haven’t had to face the trauma, here is our little master class on how to reduce dengue recovery time if ever your child or anyone in the house is infected with dengue.

Know your enemy to beat it: Dengue is caused by a virus carried by the aedes ageypti mosquito. As of today, there is neither a vaccination available to prevent it nor are there medicines available to treat it. The course of treatment for dengue is symptomatic. Meaning that the medication is provided to provide relief from the symptoms while the infection runs its course.
The symptoms for dengue are quite similar to those of malaria and chickungunya. The symptoms include fevers as high as 104 F and 105 F that last for more than 2 days, bone and muscle pain, rashes appearing like bruised skin, reduced platelet count that can cause bleeding in the nose gums and skin, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, fatigue and low blood pressure are some signature symptoms of dengue. If you notice these in your child, its best to take them to the doctor at the earliest possible.

Once the doctor has confirmed the diagnosis with a suitable blood test, you can now go into full war mode to reduce the dengue recovery time for your child which is usually anything between 1-2 weeks depending on the severity of the infection and how soon or late it is diagnosed.

1.    Hydration mode: Keep the kids hydrated all through the day. Make sure that they drink adequate liquids. Water, coconut water, fruit juices etc work amazing to keep them hydrated and to prevent complications due to dehydration. Make sure their bodily salts lost due to vomiting are replenished from time to time

2.    Nutrition wonder: Light nutritious meals work wonders to help kids recover faster from dengue. Light meals ensure that most of the body’s energy is spent of fighting the infection instead of digestion.

3.    Rest is key: Adequate rest helps the body fight the infection better. There are no two ways about it.

4.    Medicate right: Follow the doctor’s instructions properly and take proper medication instead of self-medicating, since it can be dangerous. For example, aspirin is not to be taken by dengue patients since it can cause internal bleeding and lead to complications.

5.    Monitor the symptoms: Monitoring the symptoms is an important requisite since dengue complications can get very bad very fast. Constant monitoring is a must to ensure that the body is recovering properly.

Simple mindful things can easily help reduce the trauma and recovery time when dealing with dengue. Now that you know, we hope you never have to use this information.


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