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How to make the most of hand sanitiser for children

Every parent knows for a fact that kids will get their hands on every possible thing that they come across. Be it the neighbour’s dog or the friendly street dog. They will want to poke their hands in the weirdest of things like a hole in the ground trying find god alone knows what. They will touch the dirtiest of things only to satisfy their curiosity and then wipe of their hands on their clothes and then eat with the same dirty hands or poke it in their nose or clean their cute little tiny faces.

Most parents are all so familiar with the situation and have spent so much time trying to convince the kids not to put their hands in such dirty places but to no avail. Given the colourful picture, this is where the hand sanitiser comes into play and your rescue. While a lot of parents would debate the safety of kids using a hand sanitiser, it is the best available alternative more often than not when dealing with kids. A sanitiser comes in handy to keep your hands clean when dealing with kid’s and their things and also to keep the kids hands clean.

Here is a little manual to make the most of a sanitiser when dealing with kids.

  1. Always keep it handy: There is no denying the fact that the sanitisers come in handy, especially when dealing with kids. Its best to keep hand sanitisers in your hand bags, c
  2. ars, pockets, kids bags etc. Soap and water are not always available when out with kids. It is at times like these that the sanitiser comes in handy. Keep a small bottle at all possible places so that you can use it as and when required without having to go looking for it!
  3. Smell strong: Use a sanitiser with a strong alcohol smell. It will discourage the kids from wanting to use it on their own or play with it. While its necessary to keep it handy, its also important to keep it out of your child’s reach. Always make sure that you use a sanitiser with more than 60% alcohol that comes fortified with moisturisers to keep the little one’s skin soft and supple.
  4. Know your sanitiser: Make sure that kids hands are not visibly dirty when using a sanitiser. It will prove to be useless since it is a surface agent and cannot penetrate soil and dirt. Always try and clean the hands with water or wet wipes before and after using a hand sanitiser. They tend to leave a residue on the hands and is usually ingested unless wiped off properly before eating. Just because the germs on the hands are killed, doesn’t mean kids should be eating sanitiser residue.

A sanitser can be your new best friend to keep kids from falling sick often as long as it is used wisely and in moderation with proper precautions.

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