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How to pack a lunch box for children?

School is where kids tend to spend the biggest chunk of their day and lunch times are the most awaited time of the day no matter what the age of the child. Lunch times are both fun and curious times for kids as a whole new world of new smells and flavors opens up for them. No matter how old you get, school changes to office but it’s always everyone else’s lunch box that will get your attention. Packing a lunch box for children has, well become an art form given the fast food age and super picky kids.

Here’s our master class on packing a lunch box for children that’s healthy and fun

  1. Splash of color: Always always always make sure that the food is colorful. There’s no denying the fact that kids love color, the more colorful the lunch box the more likely they are to finish it. Try and include lots of fruits and vegetables in the lunch box, the more the merrier.
  2. Food for thought: Try and include nuts in the kid’s meal. They are necessary for healthy brain development, especially walnuts and almonds. Try and include a handful of nuts every day in the meals. Roasted nuts make for yummy snacks and form a yummy filling for sandwiches too. Try a Nutella and walnut sandwich. It’s super delicious and healthy.
  3. Portion control: Make sure the potion size is in accordance with the kid’s age, size and appetite. Too small portions or too big portions can cause problems with both over and under eating. Be careful of the portion size and it will work wonders for you.
  4. Creative kit: Get creative with the sandwiches and fruits. There’s nothing kids love more than a creatively packed lunch box. Make faces on the sandwiches and animals out of the fruits. A little effort goes a long way to keep the kids happy and the lunch boxes empty.
  5. Choice matters: Make sure that you take your kids choices in consideration when planning their meals, there’s nothing more depressing than a kid cranky from hunger. Sit with your kids and plan out the meals for the week, so they know what to expect when they open their tiffin boxes.
  6. Choose your battles wisely: Choose what food you want them to get used to. Take it one step and one food item at a time. Ease the kids into a certain type of food by serving them different variations and textures.
  7. Surprise surprise: Surprise the kids every now and then with a treat in their tiffin box. Be it with a small serving of their favorite junk food or a piece of their favorite candy. A love note in the lunch box makes for a good surprise too. Kids looking forward to their lunch boxes are more likely to finish it.

Kids, food and lunch boxes can either be the most difficult task at hand or your best friend depending on your attitude.

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