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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites in Children

Now that the rainy season has come to an end, the registered cases of mosquito borne diseases are on a rise given the amount of stagnant water that has collect it various places thanks to the rains. The dry spell after the rains is adequate time for the mosquitoes to breed and spread diseases, especially in children who on a general note are more vulnerable to these diseases. here are some simple tips to help keep the mosquitoes at bay and you child safe from being bitten by these disease carrying stingers.

1. Prevent breeding: The simplest and best way to prevent mosquitoes from biting children is to nip the problem in the bud. Ensure that all your surroundings are free of any stagnant water that would encourage mosquito breeding. Insecticide should be sprayed regularly in the vicinity to curb mosquito breeding. Additionally, one should take the required measures to ensure that mosquito breeding is restricted in the house.

2. Find the perfect dress: Wearing loose, light colored clothes help keep mosquito bites at bay. Ensure that the children wear full sleeve clothes and full pants to cover their hands and legs when out playing and at home. Loose cotton clothes ensure enough ventilation to keep the children dry of sweat of attracts mosquitoes. Additionally, light colored clothes retain less heat again keeping mosquitoes away.

3. Gear up: Gear up with the appropriate mosquito repellents to suit different situations to keep the kids safe from mosquito bites. Use a bed net laced with mosquito repellent at night to keep the mosquitoes away and at bay. One can use a vaporizer or a mosquito spray during the day to keep the mosquitoes away. When the children are outside playing you can use mosquito repellent creams, lotions, bands and patches etc. to keep the mosquitoes from biting the children. Different situations require using a different and appropriate mosquito repellent. Its best to adapt to changing situations.

4. When outside: When playing outside children tend to sweat a lot and release a lot of heat and carbon dioxide thereby attracting mosquitoes. At such times the mosquito repellent bands and patches come in super handy to keep the kids safe from the stingers since they don't wash out like the creams and lotions. The problem with using mosquito repellents in the great outdoors is the fact that they need to be reapplied very often. So ensure that the bands are changed at regular intervals and the creams and lotions are also reapplied accordingly as required.

5. Time it: Different types of mosquitoes are active at different times during the night and day so its best to use mosquito protection 24x7. Additionally, precautions need to be taken at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active. At these times the window screens should be drawn to keep the mosquitoes out. Additionally, one can spray mosquito repellent sprays after the doors and windows have been closed to kill any mosquitoes that may remain in the room before sleeping.

Simple measures go a long way in keeping the little ones safe from mosquitoes and the traumatic diseases that they carry.

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