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How to Select Best Perfume for Children

Fragrances for kids are all the rage in Parenting town these days. The citizens want their little ones as young as a few months to be smelling spectacular. And the fun part is that they are willing to go the mile and spend those extra bucks for their adorable little tiny tots. Willing to spend those extra bucks doesn't always mean that you will end up with a good safe product for your dear ones. So we have come up with a 101 on selecting perfumes for kids.

Let us first understand as to what a perfume really is and what passes of as perfumes and the various fragrance options available at your disposal.

Types of perfumes

1. EDP (Eau De Parfum): These usually contain the highest concentration of pure essential oils and last much longer compared to the various other options. Given the higher concentration of oils, these are usually on the costlier end of the spectrum.    

2. EDT (Eau De toilette) : Compared to EDP’s these contain relatively lower concentrations of pure essential oils, stay for lesser hours compared to the EDP’s and are relatively easy on the pockets. These are still a better and safer option for kids as compared to the deodorants.

3. Deodorants: Contain the least amount of essential oils and stay for a minimal period of time 2-3 hours. While they are cheap, these are hazardous for children with regards to both its ingredients and the aerosol containers that they come in.

4. Body Mists: Or in this case baby mists created for babies and younger kids, these fall in line with deodorants in terms of its essential oil content but are relatively safer in terms of the spray containers while being easy on your pockets.

Depending on how much you are willing to shell out, one can go for either of these options. However there are a few do’s and don’t’s that need to be taken care off when buying them.

Go to a trusted seller where you can be guaranteed original products. Even then you should learn enough about real and fake products of a certain brand to be able to differentiate between the two. One can go to specialised shops to learn and buy original products without a worry.

While buying on the internet gets you good deals, perfumes are some of the susceptible products that can easily be replaced with a fake. So know where you are buying the perfume from when buying online, check the seller’s return and exchange policy should the need arise. additionally its always a good idea to walk into an old fashioned store to test the fragrance in question. Check if your child actually likes it and is comfortable wearing it.

Now that you know how to buy a perfume for the kids, lets not forget the safety measures. For kids fragrances should always be used on the clothes and not on the skin. They should be sprayed on the clothes in a well ventilated area and only be used under adult supervision since they come with a choking hazard for caps.

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