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How to Trick Your Kids To Have Healthy Eating Habits

We are all too familiar with being forced to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, a habit that our parents tried to imbibe in us since our childhood days. Remember how our mothers and grandmothers nagged us to eat fresh fruits for breakfast and have green veggies for lunch? Their sole purpose was to encourage these healthy eating habits so that we stayed healthy.

Children today / today’s children don’t realise the importance of having fresh fruits and vegetables. This is why it’s the task of mom’s and dad’s to encourage them to enjoy and cherish nature’s bounty. The majority of veggies and fruits available in India are extremely nutritious, as well as delicious. They also contain high quantities of vitamins and powerful phytochemicals/ anti-oxidants which helps children remain healthy by increasing their immune system’s ability to fight infections. This in turn greatly reduces the risk of infections and diseases.

Now the question that arises is - how can you help your child enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables in their meal? Here’s what we have to say –

1.Serve Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

What better than a fresh ripe mango during the monsoons or a crunchy apple during the winters? We all know when fruits taste their best; it’s when they are ripe. This is exactly the time you should encourage your children to eat the freshest stuff available. During their peak times of availability, these veggies and fruits are relatively inexpensive and easily available. So, really, what more reasons do you need to feed your child those yummy food items?

2.Hungry Children = Less Protesting

Children have a habit of nibbling on junk food while playing (video games, board games, games on laptops, etc.) so you can keep fresh cuts fruits in a bowl beside them to nibble on instead. For children who return home tired and hungry after playing cricket or football, offer them something energizing like bananas or apples. Tired children often don’t protest much, which is a good enough reason for you to smartly add more fruits to their diet.

3.Involve Your Child

Children learn fast, and new activities always interest them. You can involve your child in making healthy dishes with fresh vegetables. They can help you cut them (if they are old enough to handle a knife) or wash them for you. Involving them would also make you a lot more aware of their likes and dislikes, and in the future you can serve them more of the green vegetables that they like.

4.The Smaller, The Better

Children prefer small and crunchy tit-bits to large and chewy bites. So you can either opt for the easy route and serve them small fruits like grapes or oranges, or cut bigger fruits like musk melons and mangoes into smaller, bite-sized pieces. This gives them the impression of having eaten less than they have actually eaten. This in turn sends signals to their brain to eat more. This is actually a great eating hack to inculcate healthy eating habits in your child without letting them know!

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