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How well do you know your instant hand sanitizer

As parents a lot of us have given in to the convenience of instant hand sanitizer when it come to our and our kids hand hygiene. Most maternity homes now have a bottle of an instant hand sanitizer in every patient’s room for everyone to use before taking the new born angel in their hands. In fact it has even become mandatory in a lot of hospitals to use a hand sanitizer before and after meeting patients. A lot of new parents take the sanitizer habit home after the baby is born to make sure that the baby stays in germ free hands! While we love our sanitizers, how well do we actually know the product that you are using?

For starters, you could be using either an alcohol or an alcohol free hand sanitizer. The basic difference between the two you wonder? Well the alcohol based ones contain 60% or more ethyl alcohol to help to get your hands almost 100% germ free, while the alcohol free ones contain the likes of sodium benzalkonium and others. Now that you know that there are two available options, it’d be wise to check your product to figure out which of the two you are using!

Now comes the question of how it matters as to which sanitizer you are using as long as your hands are germ free from using it. Well the answer lies in how both these products work. Alcohol based ones kill the germs by penetrating the cell membrane and killing the germs, leaving no chance for the germs to become resistant to it, since the alcohol does not interfere with the chemistry of the germs. The alcohol free ones however work like antibiotics and leave chances for germs to become resistant to the repeated use of the product. Basically while both of them are equally effective, the alcohol ones are a better choice.

Now that you are trying to wrap your head around this information, its best to be advised about the proper use of alcohol sanitizers given its extremely high alcohol content and the fact that kids are going to be using it. Sanitizers should obviously be used by kids under adult supervision ONLY. They should be kept out of the young one’s reach at all other times to avoid chances of ingestion which could lead to alcohol poisoning. That being said, alcohol tends to leave a residue on the hands and should be cleaned with a clean tissue especially before handling and eating food. And the kids need to be taught the same for best use of the beloved product. Apart from that make sure that it contains enough moisturizers to keep hands soft and supple given the fact that alcohol tends to dry out the hands from extended use over time.

While hand hygiene is important, knowing what you are using for it is also equally important especially when it comes to kids and their hygiene habits!


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