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Hygiene Habits for Kids

Hygiene habits are best inculcated from an early age since they are more likely to stick. Simple and basic hygiene habits go a long way for a healthy childhood and form a strong foundation for a healthy adulthood. Here are some hygiene habits to help you start your kids on the way to health.

Hand hygiene: It is the single most important habitat that helps keep the kids from falling sick. Its imperative to teach kids how to wash their hands properly. The right way being wetting hands with warm water, using soap and lathering it, rubbing the palms of both hands and the back of hands, between fingers and the nails and then washing off all the dirt and soap. Once washed hands should be tried with a clean dry towel or if possible tissues. It helps best to have individual hand towels to maintain hygiene. Additionally, one cannot the kids to use hand sanitizers in case soap and water are not available to clean their hands. However, sanitizes are of no use on visibly dirty hands.

Showering daily: This is a no brainer that kids need to be taught to shower on a daily basis. It’s crucial to teach them how to clean different parts of their body when showering especially their private parts. Get them in the habit of showering once they step inside the house form outside after travelling, playing, etc. Showering regularly helps prevent the kids from falling sick.

Wearing clean clothes: It is a simple but effective hygiene habit that kids should know. Clothes tend to be a breeding ground for germs given the climatic conditions outside and the sweat form the body. The heat and water create a very conducive environment for the germs to grow. So make it a point that if children have worn clothes, no matter for how short periods of time, they need to be washed and put out to dry in the sun before wearing them the next time.

Not all things are for sharing: Bath towels, combs, tooth brushes, hand kerchiefs and other items for personal hygiene should not be shared for risk of sharing germs with the item. Make it a point that kids get in the habit of using their own personal items instead of sharing it. The same applies to the glasses of water and other things.

Keeping nails clean and short: Make it a point to cut kids nails regularly and keep them clean. Long dirty nails tend to be hot spots for germs and skin infections especially around the cuticles. Nails of both hand and feet ought to be kept clean and trimmed. When showering, or washing hands and feet make it a point to clean the nails regularly.

Keeping hair clean: Kids tend to be exposed to a lot of dirt and pollution when travelling to and from school and playing outside. It is important to teach them to wash their hair regularly with an appropriate shampoo. Regular washing is required to keep the scalp clean and healthy. Regular washing also helps keep an eye on possible lice infestation.

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