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Hygiene Habits for New Parents

You have just recently welcomes your angelic little one in the world and are walking on egg shells to make sure that everything and everyone coming in contact with your little one are all clean and sanitized. While the doctor at the maternity home made it mandatory for everyone handling the baby to use an instant hand sanitizer, a lot of parents bring the habit home. Babies being babies need to kept in as sterile an environment as possible to ensure that they don’t fall sick in their early days. We have compiled a list of habits that parents can ensure for a hearty healthy little one.

  1. Clean hands: Ensure that your hands are clean before handling the baby, every single time. For visibly dirty hands washing is a must while using an instant hand sanitizer will do on other occasions. For most people handling the baby, make it a rule that no one touches the baby without using a sanitizer or washing their hands. Once washed make sure the napkin being used is a clean one or tissues are a better and more hygienic option if you can afford it.
  2. Show them some sun: Make sure the baby’s clothes are being washed separately and soaked in a doctor recommended antiseptic and then dried in the sun for a good couple of hours. Make it a point your hands are clean when handling the baby’s clothes. It is the little things that matter. Make it a point to follow this rule especially for the baby’s nappies.
  3. Use and throw: Babies tend to go through a lot of diapers and nappies through the course of a single day. Try using baby friendly use and throw wipes to keep the baby’s so cute bottom all clean and cotton ball soft. The normal cloth used for cleaning up the baby is usually a little harsh and can cause redness due to the friction against the soft skin. Use and throw wipes are usually a good option to bank on when out with the baby and even on days when the maid is on leave and you have to manage the dirty clothes all on your own.
  4. Clean up the toys: anything the baby plays with has to be cleaned up and sanitized. Usually the best option is usually to give it a good dip in hot water to sanitize it. Avoid using chemicals to sanitize the toys since the toy will eventually and on multiple occasions find its way to the little one’s mouth. It is usually better option to let the toys dry out in the sun and air instead of wiping them with a piece of cloth which would again be a home to not so friendly germs.

Being new parents is no easy feat but these simple habits will go a long way to ensure that the bay stays healthy even in the mayhem of you trying to get a hang of how things work. It is not easy but it is definitely worth it!

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